Goodbye 2k15 (Part 2)

January 1, 2016

It was already a long post for the 1st part. :) Let's continue with the 2nd one here. Last part actually.

7. July 2015

The 1st month of summer break, at home! Finally!! :D House will always be my comfort zone. And travelling by flight during Ramadhan was a bit challenging. I managed to keep fasting for my flight from Prague to Dubai. But, Dubai was too hot that time, I can't survived and kept searching for water. And I was glad that my flight to Kuala Lumpur was at night and it was really nice to have sahuur on the flight with A LOT OF OTHER MALAYSIANS! :D

Flight photo flight gif.gif

I sat near the window and there was a friendly uncle on the aisle's seat. He was very nice and excited to know more about Czech. He did travel from Dubai-KL frequently due to his job somewhere around UAE. I forgot the country, Iraq maybe? 

I just want to say, I loved being called 'anak' by elder people. "Anak belajar mana?" Anak duduk mana?" Maybe it reminds me of my dad :)

Oh, kalau nak cuba minum something different - nah try Mango Lassi :D
8. August 2015

My favourite month of the year :D

I spent the first 2 weeks in different cities. From Kota Bharu to Petaling Jaya for my friend's wedding, then back to Kota Bharu to finish my elective practical in HUSM. Living in Kota Bharu for 2 weeks was a nice experience and spending time with my friends' family was the best part. The funny part was when I always tend to use Perak dialect to speak with Kelantanese. Ouchhhh. 

My first experience with domestic flights also happened last August. Firefly KB-Subang-KB, then AirAsia KB-KLIA2. I am looking forward for more flights from KLIA2 this upcoming 2016 :D

The Girl With Seven Names

I read about tourism in North Korea and ended with a book entitled The Girl with Seven Names. Interesting book to know more on life in North Korea. :D

9. September 2015

The highlight of this month was my first participation in Free Run! Hihihi. Excited! 

Fit Malaysia - Ipoh

And I spent time with my cousin in Penang :D I planned for this kind of holiday with her since last few years and finally it happened! We went for adventurous days hiking somewhere in the middle of hazy evening and also in Escape Park. 

The end of September was the moment I need to return to Czech T_________T

10. October 2015
Death ends a life, not a relationship

"I want to inform you that my dad had passed way, on the 25th of September." That news of the death of my landlord. T_T hmmm

The rest of month was full with classes, normal life.

11. November 2015

Autumn was the best part of November :D

The weather was not that cold in November, I still managed to cycle to school everyday (even in December actually). Hehe. 

12. December 2015

A busy month with so many things happened last few weeks. I managed to settle 2/4 my final exams. Went for a road trip to Bingen, Germany to spend time with Aisya. And continue with a road trip to Italy the next day after I arrived home from Bingen. 

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