Goodbye 2k15 (Part 1)

January 1, 2016

There will be few hours left for new year here. 2016. And we are leaving 2015 so soon. Really soon. 

I read a lot of posts saying goodbye to 2015 and they shared many expressions of the whole year. Love to read that, and I feel grateful for all the challenges and good things I experienced this whole year. 2015 is a good one compared to 2014. But, maybe it is due to how I look forward to a great year from 2014. 2014 was a heavy year for me.

I am missing my home right now, trying to treat the homesick by listening to Alleycats's songs (my father's favourite), not to forget all PopYehYeh's musics without realizing tears start to flow.  I miss them, I miss ayah, I miss mak, I miss abg long, I miss abgngah. I really wish I am by their sides right now, I have the instinct of they need me. T___T

And the things I can do is struggling to finish all exams as soon as possible and have an earlier summer break. It is too short to plan for winter break. Maybe I should finish Internal Medicine exam first before last Christmas break. But... things happen for reasons. 

Be strong.

Anyway, let's reminisce my highlight of memories of 2015 :)

1. January 2015

This month was the one I kind of active with blogs, but it was a bit reduced through out the year. Haha.

Sunset in Romania
Sunset in Romania

Our very first long distance road trip. Blame my laziness of not finishing the blog posts on that T_T Soorryyy.  Anyway, I would love to emphasize if you have the chances or opportunities to drive in Romania, do it.  Driving in Europe is not that hard as what I thought in the past. As long you know how to drive manual cars and not to get panic, you are going to be really fine :)

2. February 2015

February is usually the starting month of summer semester here :) It was the first time I learned about psychiatry in which disorders in this field have a lot of stigma to the society and even people are prejudice to the patients. Even myself. To learn about differences of personality disorder, you can just diagnose people around you and even yourself. To learn about why people with depression commit suicide, sometimes we need to remind ourselves that they are sick and we should treat them differently. 

To some extents, I agree that all people have symptoms of depression but it depends on how people managed it so that it will not affect daily life. 

3. March 2015

The best event that I experienced this month was watching the solar eclipse :)

I relearned about the basic concept of the eclipse and leap year. Do you know that 2016 will be the next leap year? :D I always wonder how people born on 29th February count their age. Hehe. 

4. April 2015

And it happened a day before my Jelajah Balkan's trip. T_T It was the time I try to appreciate the nature without being so eager to take a lot of photos. I did photographed a lot though, just I think I enjoyed more with my own eyes and spectacles. ^_^

5. May 2015

Middle of spring. And you can expect the flowers and colorful days :D It was my first time to be in the middle of rapeseed field, beautiful one. 

And because of the Grads Night, I had the chance to eat lots of Malaysian foods - sold for the fundraising events :D Sateeeee ayammmm sedap!!

6. June 2015

Last Ramadhan was my 3rd one in Czech. And just few days before Ramadhan, I went for a Europe trip with my beloved parents! :D It was the greatest memories of the year and in my life as well.

It is always in my bucket list to spend time with them somewhere, or specifically overseas. And being the travel planner for them, I love this task so much.


I found a nice quote shared by a friend. 

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Well, I guess 2015 is the continuation year of my study on human. I learned more about friendship, how to reduce my ego, how to accept others' opinions and ways with my whole heart. :)

To be continued... <3 <3

Hradec Kralove, Czech
New Year Eve, 2015

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