[Video] Ducks are Respectful Here!

May 21, 2016

This is very awesome! 

Hradec Králové is basically the town that I lived in for since 2011 and I love most things about it, especially the people. :D 

Well, yeah some people are not that good to deal with. Of course we will remember those unforgettable moments of how people approach us with the fact that we are different. But, those are maybe just 10-15% of our memories here. So, just ignore them and keep moving on.

The video was recorded in the hospital here (not my video). If you can see the unique building on the right side - that is our Educational Center - for lecture rooms, study rooms, medical library etc. :)

I must say that I respect most drivers here, who mostly care about pedestrians and cyclists. Not only humans, they also care about animals! :D

InsyAllah, I will absorb all good cultures from Czech to share and spread to people back home ;)

They have their bad side, well, all people have it. 

Tapi, bak kata pepatah melayu,

Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih.



Still remember this picture?

Picture from my previous post. :)

Environmental-friendly-hospital :D

S.K. Neumanna, HK, Czech

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