4 Things I Can Relate to This 'Subtitles Always Right' Video

December 2, 2016

Found this on Facebook, I know it is just for fun. I enjoyed it so much haha as I can relate myself to it. Not everything, a bit I can say. 

1. I need to go to the ATM

Living in the hostel room where I don't have any cooking utensils nor equipment make my cash money flowing like crazy. Each day will cost me at least RM 5 for lunch / dinner in which I will replace heavy meal for one of them with bread or else. Heavy meal is for example, nasi goreng ayam, bihun tomyam, or nasi berlauk. 

Not to forget water as well T_T I am a plain water drinker, I need huge supply of water where water dispensers are just not located along the route I take everyday. Instead, I bought new bottles everyday, they do not cost much, but when summed up, still.... 

2. I've been craving for KFC lately.

I don't fancy instant noodles much. I do eat them especially if I watch any Korean show when the members eat ramyun like there's nothing as good as ramyun in this entire world. But not on regular basis as what I heard this happen to local students. A big packet of 5 instant noodles may cost you RM 5 - which means one packet is RM 1. It sounds so cheap but it is really unhealthy to eat everyday. I would prefer a loaf of bread and jam for a week. 

But KFC once a while, why not? 
Cheat day.

Cheesy wedges - oh my God, I can imagine that golden potato right now.

3. Celcom Credit Sharing

"sebab tu awak mintak saya share topup kan" 

Celcom keeps texting me with invitation to share credit with beloved ones. Well, both my parents use postpaid plan and my brother uses different Telco. With whom I should share then? And in this developing world, most of smart phone users have data plan on their phones. Just contact them via Whatsapp etc.

And the main issue for this is actually, I only have RM 0.50 in my credit after I register to a month data plan :p 

Celcom, you know it, still you ask me to share?

4. USMSecure Wifi

"Wifi kolej kan ada... kenapa tak guna"

I went to the communication office to register for my own ID and password, but till now I haven't heard anything from them. Guess what, a doctor offered me to use his ID for WiFi. He said I need Internet a lot in the hospital, yes you can read from book but some things you need information on the spot. You can still use your mobile data, but why waste it when you can appreciate the free WiFi?

Another funny thing is, I can't get online at every corner of my room. The only place I can get my laptop connected is on the floor. I repeat, on the floor. Even though my bed is just beside that exact spot of 'good' WiFi connection, it will be disconnect as soon as I bring the laptop on the bed.

Good point is, I will use my WiFi wisely; no movies, no dramas - as I prefer to do those things while lying down. 

Bad side is, it is hard to study on the floor T_T


Yeay, my first weekend in Kelantan. I can say I love my practical so far. 

Anything you want to recommend that are walking distance to HUSM Kubang Kerian? 

I don't have transport though to travel far. 
HUSM, Kelantan, Malaysia

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