What I Learned After 6KM Walk in Kota Bharu, Kelantan

December 17, 2016

After weeks of these!

This achievement deserves a blog post. Haha

I've been eyeing on this route every time I wanna spend an evening out in Kota Bharu. Well, I've stayed in HUSM Kubang Kerian for almost 3 weeks so far but I usually rent a car to go to Tesco, AEON or KB Mall. 

And maybe you know it is rainy season now, I keep on postponing my target about walking from HUSM to somewhere else. I don't like to have my feet soaked in wet shoes, but I love walking in the river though. Complicated hidup kau, Nina.

If you read my blog posts regularly, you may know that my main transportation in Czech is my bike, Kelly. Or else, my own two feet. In worse case like heavy rain or snow, only then I would take the bus. 

Why Walking in Malaysia Can Be Challenging?

1. It is really hot.

Wear a cap/hat or an umbrella. I love hands-free when walking, so I would go for a cap. But I didn't wear it that day. Wear sun-screen as well and for me, I kept on spraying facial mist every 1-2km. Haha. 

2. No proper pavement to walk on.

This is essential if you want to walk. T_T

What I did yesterday, I walked on a 'pavement' against the traffic direction. How to describe this eh? Hmm like a concrete floor covering the road drainage? 

3. No proper zebra crossing.

Especially at the T or cross junctions even with traffic lights. 

This is the hardest part. Do you realised that there are actually traffic lights for pedestrians at the road junctions? But, actually they don't function well. And for me yesterday, that traffic lights had never turn green! HAHAHA. Since I practiced crossing the road without zebra crossing in front of HUSM itself, yeah I got the pattern and how to use the hand gestures.

One of the school I passed by.

4. Too many cars, too much air pollution.

Plus the hot weather, you need to be hydrated along the way. Too many cars, too many smokes. An important point for me is, if I ever wanna walk like this again, I need to prepare a small, wet handkerchief to cover the nose and mouth. I love my respiratory tract. 

5. The buildings are far away from each other. 

This may be different in the cities okay. For me, I live in small town where I need to use a car to get to places. There are no apartments, flats, condominiums here. Most houses are terrace houses or something in between. Even to buy groceries, I need to drive at least 1-2km. 

Suddenly I miss my flat in Czech where Tesco is just 5 minutes walking distance. HAHA.

Finally! Allah knew my feeling when I saw AEON from far. :p

But, all these challenges give me some good points.
  1. I know more about people's lifestyle, attitude.
  2. I know the locations of most government & non-government organisations. I've passed through TNB, TM, Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran, Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD) yada yada. Not to forget, shops and mosques. Oh, pasar malam as well.
  3. I can exercise. HAHA. I've been eating so much these past few weeks, so this is a good way to lose some calories.
  4. I can save money. Told ya, I spent lots on food.

Diet ke laut. Bye. 

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