How To Survive Overnight Bus / Train Ride?

December 28, 2016

My longest bus ride was from Prague to Amsterdam which took about 14 hours. Meanwhile, my longest train ride was from Hradec Kralove to Warsaw / Krakow, about 10 hours. My next target is Trans-Siberian train to conclude my life journey in Europe by taking that train to return home, for good. For that, I need to finish my exams on time and think what should I do with my 30' hard-covered luggage. 

Anyway, how many of you have tried any overnight bus / train ride? 

I don't fancy bus ride much due to motion sickness, but it is acceptable for cheaper cost (for accommodation). For train ride, if I can get the bed, it will be awesome. 

1. Food and drinks.

First of all, we need to admit that bus and train ride are different than taking a flight. On the plane, we can have most things, just politely ask the cabin crew. If you are hungry or thirsty, just go to the back of the plane and ask them if there will be any snacks or extra food. I never felt hungry during my flight (low-cost flights like AirAsia may be different, I think). Sometimes, I even packed my left over food for long transit in the airport. 

So, please prepare snacks and drinks if in case you will be hungry in the middle of the night. Don't bring smelly food like petai, durian or anything similar. Yes, you may like it like I do, but some people can't tolerate the smell. :)

2. Toilet.

I am not sure if most buses in Malaysia have been upgraded with toilet. Most companies that I've tried, don't have toilets on board. Toilets are kinda important to me as I love drinking water. To stay hydrated, we need to drink a lot even though we don't move much in the bus. Dry air from the air-conditioner will make us dehydrated.

Keep alert when the bus driver stop anyway for a break / dropping or picking up passengers. Use that time wisely to do our business. Make sure you let the driver know so that you will not be left :D 

Before the ride, please don't eat foods that can trigger our bowel system. Like for me, I will never drink caffeinated drinks, they act as laxatives to my body. To keep going to toilet is a nightmare if I'm travelling alone.

There's no problem with trains I think, as there are toilets on board. But, have you tried toilets on the train? They can be your worst dream as well. Hehehe.

3. Good entertainment.

If you easily get bored, prepare yourselves with good musics or movies, powerbank etc. In Czech, most long journey buses provide small screen to watch movies, listen to songs (just like the plane). Not to forget, most of them provide good access to free WiFi. :D

I've tried buses in Malaysia with free WiFi but seem like I can't get my phone connected. 

4. Sweater to keep you warm.

I realized most buses are very cold especially the overnight one. Wear comfortable cloth as well. Oh, bring neck pillow as well if you want a good sleep :D

5. Small pad lock

Lock your bags and always put them next to your body especially if you are a deep sleeper. 


One of unforgettable experiences about overnight train ride was when my friends and I were on our way back to Hradec Kralove from Krakow if I'm not mistaken. We had a very bad food poisoning, we took turns to use the toilets. Imagine the train in Harry Potter's movies - the one with lots of cabins in a train coach. Our cabin was kinda in the middle and the toilets were at both ends of the coach. 

Fuh, it was a struggle. T_T

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