Bismillah Yang Hilang by Shafiee Hamzah

December 30, 2016

I've read few books (other than medical books) this year, not that much but well, it is already something I can be proud of myself. Hihi.

Title: Bismillah Yang Hilang
Author: Dr. Mohd Shafiee Hamzah
Pages: 160
Publisher: Must Read Sdn. Bhd.
Publication Date: 2016 (1st Edition)

I don't really know how to make a good book review so, I should say that I refer Fatin's blog while trying to create a good one. :) The difference is her reviews are more on fictions. Oh, I remember Siqah posted a review on non-fiction, let me check.

Yes, there is. Kanvas by Muharikah. Aha, please do check out their blogs; lovely bloggers I am telling you :D

Bismillah Yang Hilang by Shafiee Hamzah

This book is a birthday gift from Maryam, which I took about 3 weeks to read. So many things to ponder from this book in the mean time, I was struggling with exam as well. But, I think you guys can read it faster than me :)


Basically from the title itself, the author wants to portray something that is so common to use in everyday life but we actually ignore / forget what it really means.

Bismillah; a word that we use to start any work, trying to get straight of our intention to do anything. A word that can make our daily prayers go wrong if we left Bismillah especially for Al-Fatihah. What does Bismillah mean in our life? 

Bismillah Yang Hilang by Shafiee Hamzah

This book is a compilation of 30 short stories / articles that are very thought-provoking and self-reflecting as the author relates almost everything with our daily life. I love life analogies a lot, so this book really suits my preference. 

There are few analogies that I will not forget insyAllah as they hit my heart so much. Let me share one of them.

Kail Bersalut Umpan

It's about fishing. For someone who really love fishing, he will provide himself with the best equipment that he can afford - the best fishing rods and the best baits on the hook aiming to catch the biggest fish. Not to forget, polishing his skills about the best environment.

Can you imagine if we, the human as the school of fish and the one who's trying to lure us with the best bait he can provide is the Satan. So, what can we do to fight the lure? Individually and as a group?

There's a reason why we are different than animals - we can think wisely.

Another snippets :)

Bismillah Yang Hilang by Shafiee Hamzah

Bismillah Yang Hilang by Shafiee Hamzah

It is really nice to read. This is my first book with MustRead publisher so I'm not sure when can you find it, maybe normal bookstores?

Salam Jumaah everyone :)

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