My November's Highlights

December 1, 2016

Inspired to write a post on month wrap up after reading Siqah's and Fatin's blog. Hehe, bloggers do help each other for inspiration :D


It is honestly a month of my almost full recovery. I had a very hard time the whole October, losing appetite, losing weight (which is good on one side), losing feeling of emotion. I just didn't feel like I was being myself. But, being moody most of times is just not me, still I can be moody too. I don't like to share my sadness and downside to public. Sometimes I do mention bits here and there on my blog. But, usually I will keep it safe in my heart and wash it away. 

1/11/16 - Obstetrics & Gynecology Exam.

1. I started my November with one final exam. Obstetrics & Gynecology. I love this specialty a lot, but I am still thinking hard to pursue more on this or not. Didn't exposed much on O&G department in Malaysia but most seniors said it is one of the most emotional ward in the hospital.

With the lectures a.k.a examiners.

2. All of us passed, alhamdulillah :) We celebrated in by having lunch together at Pasta Cook & Look. The funny thing was when these boys mentioned Cook & Look to me, I totally had no idea that it is actually a name of restaurant. They kept on alternating the words, look & cook, cook & look. Haha the non-Malaysian guy in the picture below is Luke, I seriously thought Luke wanna cook for us. :p

If you get what I mean. 

The pasta was good!

3/11/16 - Hiking on a Snowy Mountain.

3. :) After few times contemplating of going for this long journey, finally I managed to step very close to the highest mountain in Czech (update - I made a mistake here, actually it is the highest waterfall in Czech T_T) and witness myself the source of Labe river. 

4. That hiking trip marked the highest total daily steps in November with 43435 steps.


4/11/16 - Wall Climbing!

5. I planned this with Kevin for our September's activity, but due to my carpal tunnel syndrome and I headed back to Malaysia, we postponed it to early November. Surprisingly, it was not that expensive to rent all equipments :p I should try it again after I fully recover from this carpal tunnel thing. T_T

All black.

6. To know and be friend with these girls is one of the best thing that Allah bless me with. I must be grateful to have them in my life through thick and thin living abroad. 


9/11/16 - First Snow in HK (for this term).

7. I think that was the exact day. Haha. 

Ice ice ice.

12/11/16 - Newest Shopping Mall in HK.

8. It was opened on Friday, 11/11/16 and I supposed to join the rest of us to its first opening day. But, there's something wrong with my tummy that day, I missed the girls hang out. T_T

9. The highlights of this new mall is Costa Coffee and Running Sushi (both are firsts in HK)

10. Now, to the right of my flat is the new mall, Aupark. Meanwhile, to the left is Tesco & Atrium mall. Hahaha, make my choice. Both are just within 5 minutes walking distance!

Found this in one of the shop. Why Czech translated almost all English books?!

14/11/16 - Supermoon.

11. Well, it was not that obvious in the shot. :)

Big enough?

19/11/16 - Outing in Prague.

12. The main reason was Lush. :D We received quite a lot of orders for newbies like Maryam and I, it was fun anyway to buy all these items even though they were not for us. Stepping into Lush is one of therapy you should try.

That smell. :D

13. Done with Lush, Maryam and I went to have dinner with our juniors in Prague for our weekly halaqah. Yes, we gathered in a Korean restaurant, read Quran together, shared our weekly journey. :) 

14. There are so many things we can extract from others' experiences of the day.

Kimchi bibimbap.

20/11/16 - Train to Busan.

15. It was my first time watching it and I could not stop screaming for every thrilling scene!

Dinner on bed.

21/11/16 - Electromyogram (EMG) Visit.

16. Some of you might know that I have carpal tunnel syndrome and it doesn't go away yet. I am currently living with it and most of times, I forget I actually have this thing. 

17. After 2 months of being on waiting list, finally I got my appointment date for EMG. Roughly, EMG is about a test to check your nerve and muscle functions, so referring to the results, the doctor will decide if you need surgery to cut open the tight canal that may compress the nerve or not. 

Appointment card.

18. The doctor on duty was so enthusiastic about Malaysia, he kept asking about interesting places in out country. :p

19. In my case, my carpal tunnel syndrome is very mild, I hope it will be relieved by medications only. 

22/11/16 - On The Way To The Airport.

20. Since my flight was on 23rd's early morning, I decided to go to Prague a day in advanced. I don't think I want to risk my life like my journey experience to Scotland one time ago. :p

21. To handle 28kgs and 15kgs luggages in the center of Prague was a thing I will never do again. Seriously it was really hard. I used to go to the airport directly from the train station. But, that time, I planned to stay in my friend's flat to catch the early bus to the airport. 

22. Can you imagine to go down a very fast moving 70-100meters escalator with inclination of 45 degree? And imagine to do that with 2 heavy luggages. Hoho. I was dying.

I wish the river doesn't have that color.

24/11/16 - Hello, Malaysia.

23. Alhamdulillah, I landed safely at KLIA. Spent the first hour at the post office to post most of Marlenka orders. 

24. While waiting for the bus, a friend dropped by out of boredom so we had a little chitchat while watching planes. It was nice to know more about how the airports and planes function, well I use all of these at least few times a year.

25. Arrived Perak after 3 hours bus ride.

26. Strolling around Ipoh for few hours and we arrived home at midnight.

25/11/16 - Cousin.

27. My cousin and her family are going for umrah in few days, so my parents and I went to visit them. I love her so much, the one whom I grow up with. 

26/11/16 - Road Trip to Kelantan.

28. And here I am right now and for the rest of December. :)

29. I am doing elective attachment in HUSM. Basically for me, it is just another practical lessons because I am still a student who want to be exposed to working environment in Malaysia.

30. I joined on call one night and I was totally exhausted the next day. T_T How am I going to survive?


30. Basically for the last week of November, my life rotated between the ward, the cafe and my room. T_T Haha, my practical here is honestly more interesting in some parts than in Czech as I got to learn more medical stuffs with Malaysians' styles. Just, I am so tired everyday. 

31. I am still trying to swallow the fact that Friday is a holiday. 

WOW, my first month wrap up!
Hello, December :)

HUSM, Kelantan, Malaysia

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