What Are Your Study Habits?

December 6, 2016

I just returned to my room after few hours ward round + meeting patients + reading files + long case class with final year students here. I'm done for today. Oh, maybe I would consider to join the on call students tonight, let's see. :) 

Hmm, I am not sure how to describe what am I doing right now. For me, this is my practical lesson, but people may think that I'm doing practical after finishing my studies. No, I haven't finished my undergraduate yet, let alone graduation (insyAllah soon next year). Then, when I said I'm doing elective (which is usually done during holidays), people here keep saying why are you so hardworking to spend your holidays in the hospital? 

Adoi. Haha, saya taklah rajin sangat camtu.

I was a very, very, very hardworking student when I was in school. But, I don't think so, now. After realizing so many things I haven't explore yet, I still put my study as top priority but I will never abandon my time for other stuffs. Travel, hiking, eating, yada yada. 

Okay! Let's proceed.


#1 What time you start studying and how long? 
Depends. I am a morning person, I go to sleep around 10-12 am and wake up at 5-6 am. So, I prefer daytime to study. I kinda having love hate relationship with winter, one of the reason is because of this.

#2 Do you stay up all nights for study?
Sometimes. When I need to push myself more. But, I don't like it, as I will be exhausted the next morning.

#3 Any favorite place or port while you study? 
On the bed, but with table. Hmm I mean, I put a small table on the bed. Otherwise, I will go to the library or any cafes. 

#4 Do you listen to music or not? 
Yep, instrumental musics.

Masa study, study betul betul.
Masa main, main betul betul.
Masa cuti, cuti betul betul.

#5 Do you start from front page or back page of book? 
Jumble up a lot. Medicine for me is not about reading lines by lines but to suddenly turn to another page related to what I am reading to understand more. I use the back page (index) as page references.

#6 Do you study all of section or just the important section? 
Used to read all sections when I was in lower year. But now, nope. 

#7 Do you highlight your textbooks? 
I love colorful notes. T__T But then, I will get confused which one is important and which one is not. 

#8 Prefer studying with a book or you like making small notes which can be carried everywhere? 
I usually first study with books / Google / Medscape / WebMD / lecture notes / Merck Manual. Then, I try to come out with mind maps. But, now it's really hard to carry papers everywhere, so offline short notes will be nicer. 

#9 Will you memorize all chapters or not? 
I've passed my age to memorize things. Now, it's more about how to relate the facts. What should I do with this patient and why? Why I need to do this and not that? Why this drug and not the other one? It was really hard for me as I used to memorize a lot but it's getting easier with time, practice and exposure.

I am still learning and on my way there.

#10 What method you have for a smart study? 
Mind maps and a good small study group. I agree with most doctors here when they said explaining to other people is more effective than to study on my own. 

#11 How you got your motivation to study? 
My parents who are getting older but they are still enthusiastic to teach their students.

#12 Do you decorate your study table? If do, how? 
Not much. I don't even use my study table most of the time. 

#13 What most important things you must have on it?
For me, on bed I guess?
- Study lamp
- Laptop (for easy reference)
- Notes
- Stationery

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Obviously, different people have different ways to study.

You can simply say your way is the best one and others should use that particular style. But it might be only working for you, but not others. Some people can study with vocal musics, some simply get irritated with a sound of dropped pen. Some may remember more with pictures, some prefer words and some may need only YouTube to study.

What can I say is, if you are a student, find the best way for you. You can try this study habits quiz to know more about yourself.

Life is all about try and error. :)

Pray for me, haha I need to study now.

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