How To Stop Stalking Your Crush?

December 19, 2016

Haha, I have no idea why should I write this post but I think one of the way to make any transformation steps more effective is to tell people about the plan. But, not everyone use this specific same style okay? I know some people don't want others to know what they are fighting against. Well, it is applicable to me as well sometime.

First, set your mind why you should stop having that crush. Lain orang lain sebab and for me, one of the reasons is I spent too much time stalking just to kill all of my curiosity. With time, I managed to refrained myself not to search deeper on someone / something.

I was a really good online stalker. This skill is still inside of me but I chose not to polish it and let it fade away. 

1. If your crush is your friend, stop following him / her on Facebook. 

Stop following is not equal to unfriend.

When I said 'stop following' means you will not find his / her updates or new posts on your news feed. Ya Allah, that's help me so much. You don't have to unfriend which it will just make the friendship awkward when he / she realised it. Yes, you can just blamed it as technical error, but it will be weird. 

Over time, you will ignore all updates and you will not remember you had that crush. Why? Nothing to trigger you. 

Maybe this is hard if you keep contacting over other medium but to try at least something should help. Mute your Whatsapp conversation, change the name into something that keep reminds you to stop that crush-y thing.

2. If your crush is a celebrity, remove everything about him / her in your phone's / laptop's memories. 

I used to love Kim Jong Kook so much, even until now I don't have reasons not to like him. A soft, gentle guy to women, a tough one to protect women, and his voice omg. I don't mind people making fun of his unique mosquito's voice, it is lovable enough for me to enjoy.

But, I know there was a time when I like him so much, I spent lots of money on merchandise etc. I need to stop. Liking him took me away from doing what should I actually do. Kalau sampai sanggup tangguh solat sampai hujung waktu just for the sake of watching him on online shows that I can pause and replay anytime. Hmmm. 

He is not to be blamed though.
I am.

3. Keep yourself busy over other things.

Don't find another crush. Lol. Another cycle it will be.

Go somewhere, try something new that you will never think you will do it. Sleep more, read more, help others. Seriously, from my personal view, when I make myself busy, I tend to prioritize and plan better.

Distract yourself with other good, meaningful activities. 
Stop wasting your time and your life. 

Honestly when you find some good, same gender friends who are willing to listen to you, exchange with you about their life - don't lose them. One time ago, I don't care much about friends with different gender, I still try to keep my limit (hopefully I did) but the conversations can go beyond appropriate border - that leads to having a crush. 

And define yourself what is that border. 

4. Think of it as creepy.

Hahaha. And it is really creepy. You are one step away to be obsessive. 

My motto is, don't do things that you don't want others doing the same things to you. I am not an artist who may enjoy being the center of attraction. I don't like publicity much. To imagine maybe there is someone who's stalking me too much, ouch. 

Kalau lah ada. Haha ni cuma imagination.

This is one of the main reason, I stop stalking my crush. Creepy.
Just. Let. It. Go.

Trying to.


I believe most of us have / had this phase at least once in our life.
So far, all these steps help me to exit myself from this non-beneficial habit. 
What about you guys? Haha

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