Discipline and Attachment

January 19, 2017

Have you ever think why people who smoke find it so hard to stop smoking? 
Do you have any idea why Allah prohibits us from drinking alcohol?
Have you been in any situations when you just can't stop eating and living sedentary life almost all days?

I hope from this post, I will manage to relate these things. -_-'


Honestly, quit smoking is a hard task to do. When you inhaled nicotine on regular basis, you will be addicted to it. So, big claps to those who never start smoking, people who stopped smoking and those who is still trying to stop smoking.

Smoking among women is kind of rare in Malaysia, I think. But not here, you can see women holding cigarette in between their two fingers almost all time. The hospital I'm studying right now just released an official statement about making this hospital as smoking-free, means smoking is not allowed. It was since May 2015/2016, if I'm not mistaken. Smoking can be seen spiking during winter, I've been told that it keeps people warm.

A thing about smoking is it involves other people as well, not just the smokers!

Can you imagine you are walking / cycling somewhere, breathing cold air in winter when suddenly you pass by a smoker. I feel like dying, gasping for air. That's me, a girl without any asthma what so ever. What if that some with respiratory illness?

About alcohol, I've shared many times here that alcohol is really a normal thing in Czech. And it is an important question to ask to every patients admitted. 

'Do you drink any alcohol?'
- "No.'
+ 'Do you drink beer?'
- 'Oh, yes. About 3 tins a week.'

See, general population here don't even consider beer is an alcoholic beverage! Not to mention red wine. -_-'. Here, we are being taught alcohol is good if taken in appropriate amount. I can't disagree that alcohol has its own advantage - for example red wine is good for our heart. 

But, people should aware how many admission to GIT department with liver problem associated with alcohol. We need to understand that, things with even slight advantages can be totally bad when we can't control it.

That's the problem here.

Back to the point. Discipline.
And education.


While in Malaysia, we face another challenge - our tasty food. T_T And all those extra calories, bad fat, cholesterol, sweet stuffs that lead to so many health diseases. I am not saying we need to totally stop eating those food, but as one of my favourite Tweeters said, always count our daily calories. I do, occasionally. 

I have the advantage here as I don't have Malaysian food around, so I can find other alternatives - which is to have healthy, simple meal. Baked fish, chicken, soups all week. 

But, I totally can't control myself when I return home.

My point in this post is, once we have the attachment, we try our best to fulfill our desire to satisfy ourselves. The problem to be discuss within ourselves is... are we attaching to good or bad things? I am starting to get myself involved in a situation I have no idea how the future of it will look like, so I kinda afraid of how should I react to it? Am I doing the right way? 

And I am more afraid if I am not doing the blessed way. T_T

"Allah is the turner of heart. But, don't do wrong thing just because you think you can change it later and expect Allah will give barakah." - quote from a talk. 

Doakan yea. May Allah bless us all. :)

I am trying to gain more knowledge on how to pursue things the right way, so I list them out here - mixture of what I tried and what I will do.

  1. Ask myself, what actually is my goal?
  2. Will Allah love my goal?
  3. Am I into and willing to be involved in this situation?
  4. Read, read, read and read to understand about the situation.
  5. Ask people you trust about their experience (if they are willing to share, that's a bonus). Otherwise, ask for their advice.
  6. Don't simply take advice bluntly. Analyse them, choose the good one that you think it will help you. People have different styles and preferences but the basic are usually similar. 

Okay guys, till next post :)

HK, Czech

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