My December's Highlights

January 2, 2017

Oh yes, I love 2016's December. A lot! 

I enjoy almost everyday of this month, well the most significant reason is I am with my family. Although I was in Kelantan most of the days but I think I used all opportunities to go back home every weekends and that was one of the best decision I've ever make. 

1/12/16 - On call.

1. Well, I didn't do the full 36 working hours for normal HO for on call. I just joined the on-called HO from 9pm till 6am. And it was already exhausting. From that day, I decided I need to continue with my fitness plan to keep fit. T_T

2. From what I understand, only one HO need to cover the whole beds in one ward during on call. Sounds crazy, but that will be my future. Haha.

6/12/16 - Wheel Clamp.

3. I just knew wheel clamp in Malaysia looks like this. I wonder how much will it be to remove the clamp. 

I found this to be so classic. :D

8/12/16 - Goodbye Forever.

4. I arrived home and called my cats, Tam and Teh. Tam was not pregnant as he is actually a boy - I just knew this fact 2 months ago when Tam got sick. Same goes to Teh, it is a he! T_T

5. My dad told me that Teh passed away during my first week in HUSM. Ya Allah, sedihnya rasa. And Tam, he was nowhere to be found T_T I am not sure if he is still alive somewhere or else.

6. And this cat, Perang - he (I think) was totally not clingy with us. After the death of other cats due to Parvovirus infection, he surrendered himself to us. He literally walked into the cage when my dad asked him to. :O


9/12/16 - Cinema.

7. I went to watch Fantastic Beasts with my parents and it felt awkward to step into a cinema after at least 5 years. But overall, the movie was really nice just I don't like the heroin's characters much. Haha. Like, don't you feel guilty after putting that boy into so much trouble?

8. I wanna watch Dear Zindagi, but there was no showtimes for this movie in the cinema I went. Only selected TGV I think - Mid Valley, DPulze?


11/12/16 - Eify's Twins.

9. While on my way to Kuala Lumpur, I dropped by Eify's house to meet her identical twins :D 

10. Eify was my desk-mate during high school and guess what, most of my desk-mates are married. Haha. And I was not able to attend their weddings. Distances do us part but not my prayers insyAllah.

Nisa Zafirah (2) and Maryam Zahirah (1). I hope I got their names right. 

12/12/16 - Capital City.

11. My first Big Bad Wolf. I read that some of my friends claimed previous years of BBW were better, but never mind, I still think this event was awesome! The prices of the books were way beyond my expectation. I bought at least 5 books and let's see if I managed to read them T_T

12. My cousin and her parents were going to perform umrah, so my family and I dropped by at their homestay to spend time with them. 

13. I love the idea of living in a condominium, with all awesome facilities - parking, swimming pool, gym, security. But, it sounds better to live in a house on the ground, isn't it? With opportunities to plant any trees we want, no need to take any lifts / stairs to go home. All these will make sense when we grow older as there will be more health limitations.

The swimming pool is actually on the 6th floor!

14. I flew back to Kota Bharu with MAS and that was my first domestic flight from KLIA. :D

15. Actually I made a mistake while planning this trip. That Friday and Saturday were already public holidays in Kelantan. I was allowed for a free Sunday from my supervisor so, it makes one more free-day. Then, I just realised Monday was another public holiday due to Maulidur Rasul. So, I bought my flight ticket for Monday night.

16. Just few hours after purchasing the ticket, I found out that Tuesday would be another holiday for the new Yang di-Pertuan Agong. T_T

15/12/16 - Walking Around Kota Bharu.

17. Yes, I was going home again for the weekend. Haha.

18. I planned for this 6km walking route since my first few days in HUSM, but the weather didn't allow me to do so. But, I managed this time! My parents were quite upset with what I was doing. T_T

17/12/16 - Wedding.

19. My primary school friend got married! 

20. I missed so many wedding invitations as I was so far away in Czech. So, since I am in Malaysia this time, why not? I used to go to any weddings with my parents, but this time, I went first with my friend and my parents joined me later. Oh yeah, both my and bridegroom's parents are colleagues. :D It felt awkward when most people knew I am my father's daughter. "Ayah mana?" "Ayah tak datang sekali?" "Duduk asing-asing ke?" Adoi. 

21. And you, thank you for the continuous smile. :p

First experience to watch this kind of wedding as well. 

18/12/16 - Pantai Senok, Kelantan.

22. The weather was so nice to walk on the beach, so my junior and I decided to rent a car to Pantai Senok. Yes, the getting-famous beach that looks similar to Nami Island, Korea. 

23. Just, I don't understand why there's rubbish EVERYWHERE?! Why don't people throw all food packaging, plastics whatsoever in the bins? T_T Haish.

24. We planned to walk to the light house when suddenly a guy blocked us saying there's movie shooting going on. T_T 

Spot people around the light house. 

22/12/16 - Last Day in HUSM.

25. Bidding farewell to people I've been friends with. I felt a bit emotional as there were so many friendly people I met while in Kelantan.

I'll miss this place. 

23, 24, 25/12/16 - Pantai Timur Road Trip.

26. I went for a road trip with my family from Kota Bharu, Kelantan to Sungai Siput, Perak passing through Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Genting Highlands, Tanjung Malim. This marked my 3rd year in a row for road trips in December.

Masjid Kristal.

27. The last time I went to Kuala Terengganu was on 2002? And I haven't been to Kuantan before. So, Peninsular Malaysia completed, now let's aim for Borneo!

Teluk Chempedak - the cleanest beach compared to Kelantan's and Terengganu's :p

29/12/16 - Balik Kampung.

28. Well, my kampung on my father's side is just 10-15 minutes drive. After having our dinner together, I played this with my dad, my aunt and my cousin. And yes, I was at the last place. ;p

29. That day was when I've been told about a fact that I have no idea that someone was taking so serious about something. Impressive.


31/12/16 - Off to Prague.

30. Sent my abangngah to KLIA in the afternoon, then my parents and I went to Kuala Lumpur again. After buying few books from Kamal Bookstore, we went to KLCC for the Skybridge and found out the tickets sold out. T_T

31. Introduced my shoes-bucket-list brand to my parents. Skechers, why are you so expensive?

It is sooo comfy!

32. So many people at the park, maybe they were waiting for New Year Celebration?

33. Goodbye Malaysia. :) See you when I see you.

p/s - Thinking hard if I should make myself new year resolutions or not.

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