First Day of School on A Snowy Day

January 4, 2017

First Day of School on A Snowy Day

It was snowing heavily on the 2nd day of January. While my class started on 3rd day, I was pretty sure the snow would be still there last morning. And yes, the road was covered with snow I found it quite hard to walk despite I've already wear my winter boots. 

There you go, struggle number one. Haha. 

Naa, I've been reminded and keep reminding myself to be grateful with snow. So, alhamdulillah. :)

First Day of School on A Snowy Day
Totally not okay for bicycle. I was glad I was not cycling last morning. 

I miss HUSM's environment though. Although the wards are so busy almost everyday with many doctors, many students, many family relatives - at least I can walk free on my own. The doctors here teach a lot, that's a bonus, just due to language barrier it's still hard to talk to the patients smoothly and comfortably. 

I miss asking the patients, "Pakcik, masa pakcik datang hospital tu kan, pakcik rasa sakit dada tu macam panas ke, menyucuk-nyucuk ke, dada ketat ke camne?". I know, I learned all these in Czech language, just they don't sound as smooth as in Malay / English. 


First Day of School on A Snowy Day
The hospital. The building in the picture is for Neurology department.

But, I'm learning and recalling so many things that I've learned while in HUSM. Honestly, my HUSM experiences make my first day even nicer as I know better what should I expect from the cases. 

Atrial Fibrillation
Ischemic Heart Disease

Quite a few number of cases I've seen in Malaysia.

One more thing, the doctors here are dealing with technologies - typing here and there, no files seen in the patients' room except with the presence of doctor-in-charge. But, I do respect my doctor yesterday when he spent some time, sit down next to the patient to explain slowly about the future plans to him. He said that Czech system is quite up to date but we as doctors need to spend time with patients effectively.

First Day of School on A Snowy Day
The device looks like this. Credit - Google.

And, I just know most patients in Cardiology ward are provided with Holter monitor. No need big machines and patients can move freely to toilets while being monitored by doctors and nurses.

Okay, done with class.

First day after returning to Czech is always the busiest one. I need to renew my data plan as it was expired after more than a month of not using the phone number. I went to Vodafone which is used to be just the same row as my flat but it moved to the new mall. Alahai.

First Day of School on A Snowy Day
Vodafone in Aupark.

Oh, towards the end of my study here, finally I changed my sim card to the one compatible with 4G/LTE. I should change it long time ago, I never know it is for free. Lesson learned - ask if I don't know about something and don't assume. T__T

First Day of School on A Snowy Day
Limau mandarin = mandarinky.

Currently, I have these as my best friend. Flu, please go away. :(

Struggle number two, I was being a cheapskate for not renewing my bus pass and prefer walking on snows with running nose and sore throat while my face being hit by the strong, cold wind. 

Padan muka. 

HK, Czech

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