Finally, I Walked On A Frozen River

January 13, 2017

12th January 2017.

It is a very nice day.

Well of course, it is Ayah's birthday today in which he already reminded us not to wish him on Facebook, lol. I hope that passing my exam today gives you happiness, Ayah :) And thank you guys for wishing me good luck, awww you lovely people. Alhamdulillah. 

Have I told you that I renewed my bus card?

Ouch, that's a tough decision but I think that's the best thing to do for now. It is snowing frequently lately, and I usually wake up with thick snow over the roof that can be touched from my windows. The roads are getting slippery.

Haha, so many excuses.

My bicycle broke down - that's the exact reason, to be honest! T____T

And I was so occupied with exam preparation, I didn't have time to send the bicycle to workshop. Actually, so many people worried about my safety and my friends always be like, "Ninaaaaa, kau naik basikal lagi sekarang?!", "Weh, naik bas laaaa."

Well, guys. Betul la Allah nak tunjuk, the next morning after my bicycle covered with snow like this, my brakes failed to work. Frozen maybe? Haha

That was my story few days back.

Today, soon after I finished my exam, I went straight to musolla for Zuhur prayer. Here I met a first year Muslim boy doing his revision on anatomy. Ouch, time really passes very quickly. I still remember myself spending my breaks in between classes here, revising notes with my friends. 

That. Was. 5. Years. Ago. T_T
Now, I feel old. Again.

Ayah kept reminding me to be extra careful when I told him I planned to walk on the frozen river. I bet, he is getting tired to control her daughter not to do stuffs like this. -_-'

I just follow my instincts. What I did was, take the first step onto the frozen river while holding my friend's hand. Feel the river, is it moving or not? If not, take more steps until you satisfied. And, please don't be too confident to cross the river. :p

A thing for me to ponder, if I can take risk for this, I should allow myself to take the similar risk to trust other people.

To trust myself.
And to trust Allah.
On how He leads my heart. 

HK, Czech

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