Evening with Swans & Ducks

January 6, 2017

Look calm on top,

Paddling like hell underneath.

I lost my jet lag battlefield again. It was improved at least the past 3 days. But...

Exam is coming up soon and only now I can feel the adrenaline rush. Haha. The feel is a bit different this time, well there is only 3 students who are not done with this exam and I am included in the lucky 3. It was supposed to be done by the end of September but I postponed it to return to Malaysia that time. 

All the best to me. 


Do you guys know that the male ducks are more beautiful and colorful than female ducks? 

Brown ducks are mostly female. :p

There's some other lessons I learned from these two creatures. Maybe some other time, if I will remember ;)

Another bucket list - walk on a frozen river :)

Salam Jumaat semua. 
Kahfi jangan lupa, okay :D

HK, Czech

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