When A Czech Guy Talked to Me in Indonesian

January 26, 2017


I never expect I can converse in Malay with a Czech! 

Well, actually it is not that weird to find some Czechs who can speak few Malay or Indonesian words. If you go to souvenirs shops in Prague, some of them will greet you 'selamat datang', 'terima kasih', 'datang lagi' etc.

But this guy is awesome! Haha, he was speaking more in Indonesian while I was more in Malaysian. 

I was in a cafe, doing my revision when suddenly a guy sat in front of me trying to say something. I thought he is a junior of mine as there were few times when juniors approached me (knowing I am a senior) and asked about tips for certain subjects. 

I was so shocked when suddenly he introduced himself in Indonesian. 


I used to watch sinetrons when I was a child, of course I know few words in Indonesian. There was an Indonesian sister here working in my town few years ago and yeah, I talked to lots of Indonesians during transit in few airports. Just, I keep wondering every time, yes every single time I met any Indonesians, I tend to get into conversion with Indonesian slang instead of they converse in Malaysian slang. :p

It is a bit funny when I try to adapt Indonesian words into my Malaysian sentences. -_-'

cuti - libur
boleh - bisa
kawan - teman (ah sudah, teman ni boleh jadi 'saya' dalam loghat perak)
gembira - senang
bla bla bla

It is okay, for me language is more about communication. As long as you understand each other, then this language issue does not really matter.

I am still amazed that he managed to learn a new language on his own. 

Boy, it is too late to meet you at the end of my study here.
But, it is better late than never right?

One interesting fact about him is he can speak Czech, Japanese, Indonesian well just not English yet. 

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We exchanged emails (yeah, we are cool like that) and let's see maybe you guys can meet him, studying and working in Indonesia or Malaysia any time soon. He is planning to. 

I always consider myself as a Malaysian little ambassador in Czech and actually a representative of Islam as well. There are always opportunities to show how good a Muslim who is practicing Islam to foreigners. 

Just, the problem is these people see us as good Malaysians who are polite, behave, hardworking etc. Not as Muslims. Alahai.

I can feel it, 2017 is amazing so far. :)

InsyAllah, hopefully these amazing moments will continue with my graduation in July insyAllah and more exciting events afterwards, ameen.

Ameen ameen ameen!

HK, Czech

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