New Year 2017 in 3 Countries!

January 2, 2017

Here I am again, 3am, curling up under my duvet, can't get back to sleep. Haih, let's face this jet lag mode when I have classes starting tomorrow which I bet I will get tired in the middle of them. I have an exam coming in the middle of January - the one that I postponed last September. Hope I can manage my time to study for this. 

But, first, for the sake of new year, I really want to write something. :)


I started the year with an awesome experience - being on a plane when the clock passing 12am on January 1st. The captain said happy new year and off we go, taking off from KLIA to Istanbul. I was expecting many fireworks and yes, I can really see them from my seat. The fireworks look soooo tiny, like very small blinking spots. My friend said that we were passing Putrajaya when the biggest fireworks can be seen. 

Well, the flight was uneventful and I safely arrived Istanbul at about 6am to catch a connecting flight to Prague, boarding at 7.30am. The clock on my phone still haven't been updated to the real local time in Istanbul - it still showed local time with daylight saving time (I don't understand why). Don't want to take any risk, I went straight to wait at the gate. 

If you just want something sweet to eat, just go to any duty free shops and find this Turkish delight :D

Then, another new adventure approached. I just realised I didn't have much experiences taking flight on a snowy day. There you go, snow started to fall when the Prague-bound flight took off. The sky were so brightly white and I can say that most of the Earth's surface I was passing over was covered with snow. T_T

A ha, yes, the plane was flying over Bulgaria, shown in this picture. Can you spot the snow?

Approaching Prague, I could not really tell was the flight there yet. Suddenly the plane was already touching the runway. I was so amazed of how the pilots can land the plane safely on a foggy runway. Gosh, good job and thank you, guys!

-9 degree Celcius, body and mentally shock. 

I arrived home at about 2pm and it was white all the way from Prague to Hradec Kralove. After unpacking KFC chickens from my bag and I went to sleep for awhile as there were fireworks to catch at 6pm. 

Oh yes, in Czech they celebrate new year just like the rest of the world on 1st of January at 12am. However, the official fireworks performances by the cities / towns would be on January 1st at 6pm. The reason is really something logical and I love how they approach this matter in this way. Well, kids enjoy watching fireworks so much. So, why should we let them enjoy the fireworks at 12am when they supposed to go to sleep at this time?

6pm. There you go. 

Šťastný nový rok z Malajsie, Turecka, Česká republika!

May we improve ourselves throughout this year :)
HK, Czech

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