2 Simple Ideas to Show Support For Earth Day 2017

April 22, 2017

This post has been in my draft for quite some time but I decided to share with you guys today, on Earth Day. If you are not aware about it yet, Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April every year. As how we can expect to know, Earth Day aims to encourage people (which is US) to be more environmentally friendly.

And of course, there are many ideas to help the Earth. Two simple ways that I have already practiced for few years will be described to you in few seconds. Actually, I believe some of you already apply them in everyday life. Anyway, keep reading :)

1. Use shopping bags.
It was very mainstream when there was once upon a time, people complained about how expensive it is to pay 20 cent for a plastic bag. To be honest, I am a happy person when I read the news. Why? I am totally agree with this initiative! 

Yes, I know it is already implemented in most states in Malaysia and mostly it is only for Saturday. But, I think Penang already took a step forward to implement it every single day. Good job! And congratulations to Selangor as well, it started early January this year I think. 

After living abroad for 5 years and counting, I believe we can do this, actually. It is hard to adapt at the very beginning but trust me, every changes towards the better side of us are challenging. But this one, worth our sweats and struggles.

Haha, berpeluh la sangat. 

There were countless time I went home hugging this cauliflower because I went to Tesco empty handed.

A thing I don't really understand about supermarkets in Malaysia is... we can not bring backpacks inside. There were so many times, no matter which supermarkets they are... the security guards always check my backpack and seal the zip. Hmmm. I always try to explain that I want to use my backpack to put all stuffs I will buy soon. But....

Nak seal tu okay lah tapi nak cari gunting nak bukak balik tu... T_T

Okay, maybe they want to avoid people cheating or stealing, but... how do you feel when there are few women walking passing you into Tesco with handbags as big as your backpack and nobody stop her?

2. Recycle. 
I understand this takes quite an effort to distribute our trash into different categories. Basically all you need are 3 compartments (for the beginning).

  • A dustbin for any trash that cannot be recycled (like left over food).
  • Next one is a plastic bag to put all trash made of plastics.
  • The last one is a box to put any paper trash. 

Something like this.

For some towns, you can get money from recycling. That's way better to get extra money although seriously not that much. I am not sure which states already implement this idea, but so far in my neighborhood in Sungai Siput, there is none. But, my dad usually ask people from recycle center to come to our house and pick up all trashes.

These are boxes I found in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. 

Meanwhile, there are the recycle bins in Hradec Kralove. Red = textile. Blue = paper. Yellow = plastic. I am not sure about green and white but one of them is for glass. Oh yea, brown bin for agriculture materials (?) like leaves, branches of trees. You can recycle batteries as well (this one usually in the supermarket) 

I am sure many of us have watched this video featuring Mat Luthfi :) Enjoy!

Happy Earth Day, guys.
And happy weekend as well.
HK, Czech

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