When Strangers Are Like Family

April 6, 2017

“There're times when strangers are like family, and family are like strangers” - Hlovate.

Well, I agree with the quote somehow, but alhamdulillah my family is not like strangers. At least between me and ayah mak abangngah. :) 

Growing older, I realized I became clingy, not only to them but to people whom I started to have emotional attachments. But, I need to remind myself, they have their own life (I mean personal life that I should not interrupt), they still need to work anyway. 

To be honest, somehow I like the ideas of Instastories as we can watch or see our friends' updates and I love all the mature changes of most people I know. :) People are moving on with many new responsibilities. This medium even connected me with my childhood friend that I have not been in touch for ages. Girl, insyAllah I will have your back if you need me. <3

Hiking in Pravcicka Brana, Czech.

A weekend in March, I had the chance to spend at least two whole days with this beautiful family of Uncle Razali and Aunty Awa. Well, I called myself as a little Czech ambassador for Malaysians. Haha. Perasan. I knew Aunty Awa since early September I think, of course via blog and we keep in touch till now, insyAllah. 

She was planning for her Europe trip and to my surprise Pravčická brána was in her plan. :) So impressed to know that, I tried my best to help with guides. And another surprise, she invited me to join her family trip in Czech. T_T

Segan tu jangan katalah, dah kenapa nak masuk family trip orang lain kannn?. -_-'

I kept reminding myself, my intention was to make someone's journey in Czech smoother, well at least I believe in the saying of 'tetamu tu bawa rezeki'. Hehe. I've been living here for quite a while and even my study is covered by Malaysian taxes (although I'll have huge debt at the end of my study for at least ten to hundred thousands ringgit haha die die) so, I think of this as contribution to the people as well. 

Prague Castle, Czech.

At first, deep inside I was homesick. 

Can you imagine, you met a family similar like yours and even the sequence of children is the same as your own siblings? 2 elder brothers (Ariff, Azmi) and the youngest is a daughter (Aliya). Even the eldest studied culinary just like my late abanglong did. :) 

Hard Rock Cafe, Prague.

I am thankful I met them, alhamdulillah. 

Alhamdulillah, guiding them around was not a problem, I had experiences travelling with my parents for our Europe Trip last two years and those moments taught me a lot how to deal with parents aged 40's at least... well my parents were slightly above 50 when we traveled together. :)

Both of uncle and aunty are friendly and chill, they treat me like I am a part of the family. This reminds me of my parents as they love to treat other kids. Once upon a time when I was younger, I was jealous with those kids as well. :p HAHA.

Azmi (Adik), Uncle, Ariff, Aunty, Aliya, Me.

We were lucky to have the chance to climb this high as I've been told that the route was under renovation just a week earlier. Let me share with you the interesting facts of Pravcicka brana:
  • Pravcicka brana means Pravcice Sandstone Gate
  • It is the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe.
  • Chronicles of Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) was filmed here.
  • It was said that this area was a sea full of sea creatures and after million years, it transformed to what we can see today. 

To Uncle & Aunty, thank you very much for those lovely days, it felt like home to me. :)

HK, Czech

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