To Commemorate Isra Mi'raj

April 24, 2017

Naa, I am not going to write much. But, I guess other than talking to family and friends, this blog is a good place to rant my heart out. Well... not that all out. I kept many things to myself :) Yes, of course sharing with Allah in prayers is the ultimate way. ^_^

It is Isra Mi'raj today!

A day I totally did not realised until I saw this hashtag became trending (my own tailored trends) on Twitter. :)

Anyway, I posted a blog post about what can we learn from Isra Mi'raj about a year ago, if you would love to read, do check this link out.

But no worries, I will share points on the life lessons from this event here, in this post. The previous post was in Malay, anyway :D

  1. Test of faith.
  2. Travel as a medium to be closer to Allah.
  3. With hardships, come ease.
  4. Our duty to protect Masjidil Aqsa.

May Allah bless the owner of this graphic :)

Salam Isra Mi'raj everyone!

Hope you guys have a great day today... it is holiday, anyway. Hehe.

HK, Czech

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