These Ladies I've Met Shared How Life is More Than What We Think

April 9, 2017

I am currently in hibernation mode. Exam is coming soon, so if there will be any travel stories posted here, please be informed that they are from my previous journeys. :)

Another 7 hours journey to Poland, this time it was by train and alhamdulillah I was not alone. Oh yeah. It was a weekend trip and we actually had a halaqah, inter-locality. 

I will always remember this scarf. :) read more to know why. 

The train arrived at Warszawa Zachodnia (a train station just before Warszawa Centralna) sharp on time although the train was a bit delayed in Czech. Upon exiting the station, we grabbed a taxi straight to our friends' flat. We can count how many times we took a taxi in Europe... maybe less than the number of fingers on one hand? Yes, walking and tram/metro/bus are our main transportation but this time we were simply too lazy to check the route. Haha.

Warsaw is pronounced as war-saw by foreigners. 
If you want to pronounce like locals, it is Var-sha-va

Warszawa Zachodnia

This is how flats in Poland look like. You can expect similar buildings in Czech as well. One interesting fact is if you are living in a flat (at least in Czech) facing the city center like the main roads, main attractions etc, it is highly recommended NOT 
 to hang clothes at the front balcony / windows
. The city really takes care of its appearance. 

After having our breakfast (they served us with lots of fooood haha nasi goreng bubur chacha sandwiches yada yada), we spent some time together in the city center especially the Old Town. 

Just for general knowledge, Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. Actually, I've been there 3 years ago (wow, 3 years already?). If you would like to know more about the city itself, you can check my previous posts on it.

After reading those posts again, haha wow I actually shared quite a lot of information and general history of Warsaw. 

This is the tallest building in Poland named Palace of Culture and Science :)

On our way back to Hradec Kralove, we shared a train's cabin with another 4 ladies. They look like around early to mid 40's. Our conversations started when they asked our permission to 'drink' in that cabin. Yes, I saw a bottle of liquor there. -_-'

We just nodded by letting them know not to mind us there and we continued eating our lunch. We were starving a bit and we already packed ourselves some food for lunch. It was a 5-hours train ride and we did not want to spend money to buy food on board. 

They asked us where are we from etc and just like the responses we always received.. "you guys are brave enough to live abroad, far away from the family." Only if they know we were already living in boarding schools since 13 years old, I wonder how their reaction would be. 

One of them gave each of us a scarf. Awwwww. 

They were actually on a trip back to Vienna, after having vacation together in Warsaw. 2 of them are Czechs, one is Polish and another one is from Switzerland. The main language they used to speak to each other is German. 

1. It benefits you well to know more than 2 languages!
Well, I already know that Vienna was once the largest German-speaking city, but now it becomes the second after Berlin. The first impressive fact about them is they at least know 3 languages! For example, the Czechs with Czech, English, German languages. The lady from Switzerland wins the highest numbers of languages - at least 6 - well, she used to be a linguist and translator anyway. 

A thing I kind of regret all this while is I did not use the opportunity to learn Tamil and Mandarin when I was younger. I have multiracial friends yet I do not even like to speak English with them. Tamil and Mandarin were beyond the imagination. Haih, I wonder why I was so patriotic with Malay language so much back then heeeee. 

No harm though to master many languages. :)

2. Stay humble.
A thing I realized after living abroad is I can not simply judge a person from his appearance. What can I say when there was actually a maxillofacial surgeon among them and she has been in service for 30 years! So, she actually already pass mid 50's but she does not look that old, honestly! 

Well, how can I imagine a lady who is approaching her 60's is now on a trip with her friends? Like, seriously?

When we tried to take our photo together, one of them asked a guy who was walking along the aisle. He really looked like a normal person, for me I imagined him to be a businessman. But I was wrong, he is actually a 15-years-in-service oncologist (a person who knows well about cancer) and he was on his way for a conference about radiation dose in Vienna. 

We ended up with a small medical gathering in the cabin. Phew.

Old Town in Warsaw.

3. You are never too old to learn new skills.
The linguist I mentioned earlier is now a psychologist and wow, how can people change their career as simple as that? She said she just want to learn something new through out her life and psychology is a subject she finds interesting. And well, the way she spoke to us really sounded like she could touch the inner part of our hearts. The way she advised us... really showed she has a big heart and she played well with our emotions and thoughts! Hahaha.

Like, how mothers will treat their children. :)

4. You can still enjoy your life even though you are married.
Yes, all four of them are married with at least two kids. On average, their first children are at least 13 years old now. During that trip, most of the kids were taken care by their fathers so that they could have girls' vacation or me-time anything you want to call it. 

Impressive, right?


I have not been in touch yet with them, although they gave us their contacts. I will, soon. :)

A verse that make me very happy to hear from them...

"You are already a gift, your parents must be proud of you."

Allah, please bless them with hidayah. <3

p/s - so many news regarding doctors and health workers. Please pray for us, the medical students here to pass the degree with flying colors and serve the country the best that we can. The future life is going to be hard, I know. I hope with all good memories and tough experiences while we study abroad will make us stronger, mentally. Doakan kitoranggggg :)

Mesti korang penat dah baca asyik suruh doakan je hehe but, I really believe in your prayers as well... ada doa seorang ibu, ada doa seorang pelajar, ada doa orang yang bermusafir, ada yang tempatnya tengah hujan sekarang. Mudah-mudahan. :)

Thanks for reading!

HK, Czech

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