Goodbye Spotify Premium

April 28, 2017

Spotify has been a good friend to me since... I can't remember, more than a year maybe. 

€0.99 for 3 months of Spotify Premium

For New Year promotion, Spotify offered that price. It was more cheaper to pay in Ringgit Malaysia, but there was some problem with my Malaysia Internet banking that time, I ended up paying with my debit card in Czech. 

To be honest, I have no clue the difference between credit and debit card. As I thought my cards in Czech are debit cards, so far I don't encounter any problems paying anything that only accept credit cards. So, it is okayyy I guess, I am going to close the account here soon anyway. 

Credit to the owner

I totally love Spotify Premium. There are no other reasons than I can't afford it at €5.99 monthly. Haha. Cheapskate. 

These are what Spotify offer with Premium and from my experience using it for 4 months I can say that Premium. Is. Awesome!
  • Random play (means unlimited skips, replay any songs)
  • No ads (well, YouTube has ads as well right -_-)
  • Listen offline (good one as I always listen to songs when jogging)
  • High sound quality (the audio is consistent compared to random downloaded songs)
Goodbye, I am going to miss you offline T_T

I've been moving around so much the past 4 months (other than hibernating at home for exam periods). Spotify Premium has done a good role to keep me accompanied through out the journeys. Ahh T_T

I just realised there is an offer for students at €2.99/month. Should I?

I wish Spotify reintroduce the lyrics feature again. 

HK, Czech

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