Don't Regret The Past But Appreciate The Future

March 12, 2017

Actually, I would like to get it done with another blogger award's tag. Hehe. Thank you Anis (we have similar name ;D) Her blog is one of a kind with sincere life rants that I understand it maybe hard to share at the first place. This post of her is my favorite. Well, I have difficulties myself to share more on few parts of my 'personal' life even though I am very sure I already shared too much on my blog. Lol. 

But, there are few things I still feel not into sharing them online. If you have read my blog for quite a while, I think you can realize that. ^_^ 

Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, and face your future without fear. Well, this may sound unrealistic sometimes as human's hearts are unpredictable and uncontrollable. Haha.  

1. Introduce yourself by stating 5 random facts about you.
- I prefer plain water.
- Once upon a time, I wore pink attire from top to bottom. HAHA.
- I used to be a huge fan of Kim Jong Kook.
- I fancy people with slightly bulging gastrocnemius.
- I am still living with carpal tunnel syndrome on my left hand. T_T

2. The first impression when you found my blog.
I love the way you put Chapter on the post title. Trust me, that is unique for me. It feels like I am reading a novel, even though the current post may or may not be related to the previous one. :)

3. If your life is a novel, what would the title be?
Regret vs Appreciate

I came across this quote (as written on this post's title) when I was scrolling my Facebook's timeline yesterday. Actually, it was a quote I posted in 2010 and upon reading it again, I can totally relate how the next 7 years have developed me into. 

It was funny but embarrassing to realize how immature my choices of words are. Many posts are worth to be ashamed for. But, I think it is okay then, life is really developing someone into a better person. 

I was quite active on Facebook few years back and I think I was very friendly to anyone at that time. My friends are always yours and I will treat your friends as mine. This is a thing I hold on to, till now. But, I forgot one thing. Not everyone treat a friendship / relationship just the way you treat it. I may have break other's heart along the way by not being considerate, loyal, over-confident.. anything you wish to say.

And yes, some things I still regret but trying my best to move on. Some things I wish I was not that enthusiastic to try that time and even some things I feel thankful to have that phase in my life.

"Don't regret the past but appreciate the future."

We can't change the past, everyone knows that. But we can change the future... and even the consequences that already happened because of the past. :) With His will, insyAllah.

A country that teaches me a lot about life. 

4. What makes you confident? 
Knowledge, experience, family. 

5. What is your fantasy dream?
Pintu suka hati. Haha.

I love travelling and even though I am used to not staying at home more than half of my age, I miss my family. And I do believe that I need to responsible to my parents the way they take care of me for my entire life.

Well, my mum said I need to improve my creativity. So... can pintu suka hati be considered as fantasy dream? Hehe.

Actually, for dreams.. I have many stuffs in my bucket list but they seem to be logical? Lol. 

6. What is your favourite thing about earth?
Nature and human. 

Surviving this 5 out of 6 years of my degree course, I must say that I find human as interesting subject to explore more. Our physical anatomy can be different and obviously the mental part as well. :p

I don't think I should describe more on nature, as it is quite obvious that nature is my passion. :)

7. How would you spend your "Me" time?
Depends on the weather. 

Wait... 'me' time means the time we spend just for ourselves, right? 

I can walk along the river alone. I don't find it embarrassing to eat out alone. I can curl under my duvet the whole day, of course alone. I can go hiking or travelling alone.

But, trust me, it is not that I love to do these stuffs alone, I am so happy to welcome anyone to do them together :)

'Me' time? Haha

8. Between the moon and the stars, which one would you pick and why..?
Apparently it is quite hard to choose between these two as I love everything on the sky, even the planes. Hmm, maybe for this one I would say moon? Suddenly I remember of a quote, "we are looking at the same moon". Lol. 

But, honestly I've been somewhere dark (but not totally dark) and the only light I had was a bright-shining moon to guide my way.

9. Who could inspire you the most? and Why?
I can't think of any specific persons because my interests are quite broad that they can be anyone. I have different people for inspiration of travelling, of life struggle, of working life, of studying life yada yada. 

It can be you and your blogs as well :D

10. First thing you notice in a person?

Can't describe more but a smile really make my day happier! especially from people I treasure the most.

11. A song that describes you.


p/s - I need to work efficiently for Morskie Oko & Zakopane's posts.

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