Of Doggie, Apple Cider Vinegar and Old Gentleman

March 30, 2017

It is hard to sit down and to write a new blog post properly. I had busy but memorable weekends since the past 4 weeks, alhamdulillah I am very grateful for that. In return, I need to cover all hours that I should study within the weekdays instead. :) Double triple the productivity, insyAllah.

Nope, it is not snowing anymore :)

As usual, after my lesson in the hospital it is time to go home. Oh, actually either to go home or to stay in the hospital's educational center to revise or to stay somewhere else to study. That somewhere else can be Cross Cafe or town library. I prefer these last two as they are closer to my flat so that I don't feel bad to cycle home in the dark.

I have many memories of each of these 3 places. Going to miss them so much. T_T

1. Educational Center. 
Oh, have I told you my experience that I almost hit someone's dog in the middle of the road? The memory is still vivid in my head, I just can not take it out. Scared, but I believe it is not fully my fault. 

Educational Center

I have cycled almost every day since the last 3-4 years, so I am well aware which road I can take and which one that I can't. There was one fine night, with slight rain... I was cycling home from the hospital around 8 pm. I saw a couple walking side by side. When I wanted to cycle passing them, suddenly a dog ran to the front of my bike. 

Sreeetttt. Emergency brake. 

I am still glad I was not cycling too fast, otherwise I would be the one getting bounce to the front.
I am glad I did not hit the dog. The dog looked so scared, as scared as I was!

I wanted to blame them for leaving the dog 'wireless', I mean without any leash. Instead, I was the one saying sorry to them... hmmmm. 

2. Cross Cafe.
This is my most favourite place to study (except the fact that I need to spend some money on the food).

It has good WiFi, good study tables, good random study companions. I mentioned few times that I love to study here, at least if I am revising for understanding... not the memorizing phase. 

Random study companions can be Malaysians or any international students. Most of them are regular there, just like me. If you go there every single day, you will meet almost the same faces and even the cashier will recognize and know the menu you ordered everyday. At least, it happened twice for me. 

There was one time I was short by 2kc to pay by cash, surprisingly the cashier just took the coins that I gave. 'Never mind, you are always here.' T_T

I love the idea that they serve different vegetarian soup every day. :)

Another experience when I studied there, some of the students were talking about the taste of apple cider vinegar. I randomly joined the conversation by saying some health benefits of it to lose weight. Well, apple cider vinegar will not help us losing weight as much as calories-intake control and exercise but it can help blocking digestion of starch - a bit with anti-glycemic effect. It simply means, it slightly prevents raising our blood sugar too quickly. 

Then, the guy in front of me offer me a cup (he bought a bottle though) but quickly withdrew his hand. "Oh, I am sorry but I think it contains a bit of alcohol."

Can you imagine how happy was I? 
At least, he knew Muslims don't drink alcohol. 

3. Knihovna města Hradce Králové
Not many international students know the existence of this library. In my town, there are at least two other libraries (Medical Library, Cheese Library) closer to the areas where international students live. 

Not this one. 

This is the closest to my flat, with free WiFi (with different passwords every day that I can just ask the librarians). It is divided into different blocks like for adults, children etc. My favourite spot is in the musics room, well can you imagine there is a piano, violin in a library. And yes, this library is not that quite that I even Skyped with my dad few times. 

Piano on the left :D

A thing I need to remember about this library is on Tuesday, it opens at 12pm instead of 8am on other days. I always forget this fact and need to wait in front of the main door with other people who forget about this opening hour as well. Hahaha.

A smile can start a conversation. 

An old man about 75 years old looked at me and I smiled in return. Then, he asked "odkud jste?" simply means where are you from. A life lesson I learned about this gentleman is to never get bored reading. He said he will come to this library every two weeks to borrow some books to read. Can you believe, he is 75 years old!


I have love hate relationship with my bed, so studying at home is not really on my list. Unless I reach the limit of my monthly expenses, the weather is bad to go out, I am memorising yada yada. 

Hmmm, a lot of drafts on my dashboard, I wonder when I can get them done. -_-'

Till then.

HK, Czech.

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