[PHOTOS & VIDEO] 2 Life Lessons I Learned From Snowboarding

March 13, 2017

I had my first experience with snowboard in the middle of February. To be specific, it was on Saturday 18th February 2017. Yes, the first time ever. I tried skiing twice (I think?) but I was not into it as I struggled to balance both my legs together. So, maybe that was why I never tried snowboarding since then, I thought they were similar.

But, apparently not. 

Snowboarding was much more easier to learn!

Loving the landscape at the back :D Do you remember I used to say I wore pink from top to bottom at my previous post? This bubble winter jacket was one the item I bought 5 years ago. How I decided to buy it, was another innocent yet awkward story to be told.  

Maryam and I just finished our exam on Thursday and we had 3 days to kill with leisure activities (no books please) before going back to our school routines on Monday. We decided to go snowboarding and our trip was with the boys - Idris, Quntam and his Thai friend. 

Since it was skiing season now and the mountains were still covered with snow, we reached the ski areal with a skibus (direct bus from our town special for skiers and snowboarders). That means we did not have to transit anywhere and the bus would take us just right to the front of the ski areal. Awesome.

The funny incident that we thought we just need to present our town bus card to get discount. But, nope.. we actually need to have some money in the card! Well, it has been a while since I recharged my card, so... I need to pay 70kc instead of 50kc. Alaaaa. 

Quntam and his friend went straight to the ski lift as they already have experiences with snowboarding. Meanwhile, Maryam and I decided to learn first (at the children area hahaha) before going up the mountain and our coach was Idris. He was a very good coach, seriously. I was not expecting much during the journey on the bus but looking at how fast our learning progression was, we finally made it to start from the top of mountain!

At the children areal. Hehe. We kept on being too careful if we may fall onto the kids who played here. Dangerous, honestly! 

After getting the basic lesson from the 'coach', yeay, he approved we already have the basic skills. Let's go uphill! :D

Going up the ski lift was another challenge. Haha.

The ski lift. To get onto this was okay. But, to stand up and get out of the chair was totally embarrassing. We were the few lucky snowboarders who kept on falling upon arriving at the top of mountain. Haha.

Life lessons I learned that day:
1. Never give up to rise up after every fall.

Honestly, I fell more easily with ski than snowboard. Maybe because with snowboard, both my legs are attached to only one board so I just need to balance it. Compared to ski, it did not feel good to fall with wide open legs (kaki terkangkang T_T) 

Falling down when playing winter sports are not weird at all. Experienced people also can fall sometime. Just, be determine to rise up. Do not give up and quit.

"You want to forget, but you want to remember. And you know that the healthiest thing is to let go."

See, those people in front of me also fell down :D

2. It is okay to slow down.

Snowboarding down a slope covered with snow was really great. That adrenaline rush feeling, I just could not describe it. But, somehow we cannot go down as fast as we want. There will be some other skiers or snowboarders right in front of us; or we may suddenly going down to the direction of forest with big trees; or some poles that are under construction.

See, they can be 'obstacles' and what we need to do is to slow down.

Well, even on roads or highways, there will be some times you can always use the right lane, but when other cars move faster than us, we need to change lane and slow down.

Same goes to our life. We cannot expect everything to happen just the way we want it to be. We cannot expect things happened immediately after we wish them to happen.

Idris, Maryam, me. ;D They are my adventure, life buddies. 

3. The power of trust.

After few rounds, Maryam and I decided to take a break (actually to stop haha). We were approaching the time limit to use the ski lift (it was for 2 hours) and we already rented the snowboards for 4 hours. 

While waiting for Idris to quickly go up for his last round, Maryam and I got ourselves some hot chocolate. I found this view (picture below) to be interesting. You can see how these people just leave their equipment outside the cafe(?). No need to worry if someone else may take them. 

Overall, the amount we spent for the whole day was approximately RM 150. 


To all lovely people who are waiting for this (haha why am I so confident), hehe there you go.

*added 170315* this is not my video, most videos shared in my blog are Maryam's :D I am a forever fan of her artworks haha

Till next posts on Morskie Oko & Zakopane. :D

p/s - there are actually 3 life lessons. -_-'
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