How I Deal With Loneliness While Travelling Solo?

March 16, 2017

I am okay with both travelling solo and in a group as I have been in both. From general views, there are many advantages of travelling with someone you are comfortable with and most important, you can trust and rely on each other. 

However, travelling solo can give sparks in our heart for something we don't expect and by hook or by crook, we need to survive. Although travelling solo is always laced with thoughts of loneliness but... it is not that bad, actually. 

If you happened to be travelling alone, you can try these ideas which I personally use. <3

1. People watching
Do you know that this is actually a real term? :D

I love watching people and try to figure out what are actually on their minds. 
  • Some people are rushing I bet maybe they are late for work or to catch any trains.
  • Some people have fun chilling with friends and you can listen to their gossips and stories. 
  • Some are spending time with the family and you can see how different people treat their family members. 

While the husband push the stroller, the wife will hold the forearm of the husband. Not forget to mention, small kids (age around 10-15 years old) holding hands with their grandparents. Fuh, I can go diabetic watching all these. Sweet sangat. 

Chatting with a couple from Brazil - it is all started with people watching | Postojna, Slovenia 

Sometimes there are also awkward moments to watch people with PDA. Haha, yang single tu pandang tempat lain je lah. I witnessed few arguments as well... for example there was a time when a couple argue over something like "why don't you tell me it will be like this". The girlfriend even cry while the boyfriend walked away leaving her alone. :O

2. Take a lot of photos.
...of random things. ^_^ Sometimes words in different language can be interesting. So, go for signboards. Selfies are okay as well haha although it feels awkward to see your own face in the camera's gallery. Otherwise, walk along a group of family and usually they will surely ask you to take their group photos, that is amazing as you can ask them to take yours in return.

Dania can be a Malaysian name :) But it can also represent Danish (citizen of Denmark) / Denmark. Observe the out-of-nowhere ATM. Hehe | Zakopane, Poland

3. Video calls with beloved ones.
I found this to be very effective, especially to feel like you are cafe-dating with someone or you are never alone. Hard to find good WiFi connection? Just drop by any restaurant or cafes. You don't have to order expensive food, maybe a cup of coffee.. just not to feel guilty to stay there. 

Whatsapp video call. | Zakopane, Poland

With Whatsapp video calls nowadays, everything is just few touchs away. And you can directly enjoy the views with them. For example in Zakopane itself, there is a street called Krupowki street which is quite famous among tourists. I could access to *Zakopane_Free_WiFi* along this street. Isn't it awesome? :D

4. Read books. 
If you are tired of walking around or you are done for the day, lie down on the comfy bed at the hostel and read novel. I don't study when travelling unless I really feel I need to do so. Usually, I will bring a novel / any reading material (as I don't have any e-books). 

I feel like it does not matter if I only managed to read 50 pages or I am not able to finish the whole book. Why? To finally read a book (other than anything related to my course) is an awesome achievement for me. Hahaha

5. Mingle with other travelers.
...or talk to the locals and ask what they actually recommend like hidden gems that travelers would have no idea about. Somehow it is even hard for me to talk to locals unless they speak English. :D

When we travel in a group among ourselves, there are other advantages like getting to know each other. But, now you are travelling alone, it is time to get dissolved in the society. But, mind the limit. After travelling to some European countries, I realized that the places where travelers love to hang out to meet new people are pubs or bars. 

With Julia | Ljubljana, Slovenia

It depends actually, some travelers who already know you are Muslims, they are being good enough to offer to opt for any pizzas or Chinese food (for example). You just need to order your own food and continue with the chit-chat happily :)

If you can keep in touch with them, it sounds better.

6. Free walking tours 
I am not that familiar with free walking tours but I once used the Turkish Airlines transit city-tour service and it was amazing. You get free transport to- and fro- the airport, free breakfast and lunch, free entrance to tourist attractions and obviously free tour guide as well! :D

The best part of free walking tours is you can listen to history of every attraction you are taken to, you can try food recommended by the tour guide etc. Although it is free, you can give some amount of money as a token of gratitude or people call it 'tips'. 


Travelling solo is okay, as long as we try our best to stay safe by taking all precautions, all safety measures and of course, do our reading about the places we want to solo-travel. :)

HK, Czech

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