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March 5, 2017

It's been a while to have this blogger award thingy on my blog. :D It was a huge phenomenon the last time I was still active with blogs, 2009-ish maybe? Anyway, thank you so much Wany for this obviously unexpected award. ^^ I am very glad to know that my blog posts are one of the sources of your smile :) 

the sunshine blogger award

From what I understand, the Sunshine Blogger Award is basically given to people / bloggers who simply give happiness to your day. It is honestly a lovely surprise for myself and I hope it will do the same to you :)

Rules (I just copy and paste Wany's):

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog

And the interesting questions from Wany are these:
1. Of course, for self-introductory purposes, I would want to know you all better. Sketch a self portrait!

nina's self portrait
I lol-ed myself for this sketch. 

Haha, even the first question is hard for me. I knew I lack creativity but well, I think I enjoy sketching something. Not even that average though. Asalkan bukan orang lidi kira okay la kan? Hehe

I am a 'specky' girl with short-sightedness, have no idea about wearing contact lens although I learned about this alternative in Ophthalmology class. I can say I am an adventurous person who is not that feminine but now trying my best to be one.  

2. What character in a book or movie you would love to meet? And why?
I don't really fancy certain movies or books. But, hmmm maybe Doraemon? I love all of the innovative items he has. Wait, Doraemon is a he, right? I see Doraemon as a very good companion who is willing to help anyone, like Nobita although Nobita always take advantages of Doraemon's kindness. He helps animals as well, I still remember few scenes where Doraemon stops cats from arguing. 

3. What's your favourite day of the week?
No special days actually but I love Friday for the barakah in it. And maybe Saturday as ideal day to do fun stuffs when I have Sunday to rest afterwards :)

4. What's your biggest accomplishment?
Solo-travel few times and survived in those adventures. Oh, I consider 'manage to cook something good at the first trial' as biggest accomplishment as well haha.  And few other stuffs that I have no idea I can do it before. 

walking on frozen lake morskie oko, poland
Recent hiking trip to Morskie Oko, Poland. Another greatest achievement lol.

5. What's a weird habit that you do?
I am not sure if the weird habit I have is considered as weird by other people. But... hmm when I was a bit younger, I used the 'view as' button on Facebook to see how my profile looks like to other people. 

It is good on another side, when I can control any inappropriate things from appearing on other people's news feed. 

6. Which part of your personality you hope people would see most?

7. What makes you bored?
Waiting, especially for buffered video. 

8. How often do you go for blogwalking?
Every time I have free time and a laptop with me. I can read your blog posts on mobile, just I don't prefer to. 

9. Which food out of all your faves you would never give up?
I love food, just when in Czech I prefer eating to live. Obviously in Malaysia we have so many food choices that I prefer living to eat. No wonder I can gain weight so fast every summer break and lose most of it upon returning to Czech. 

These are two of my favorites. Udang masak petai & ikan patin masak tempoyak.

ikan patin masak tempoyak
Salivating right now looking at this picture T_T

10. What was the laziest thing that you did?
Throwing trash into the dustbin like basketball pro and let the trash around the bin if it does not get in. 

11. What was the last thing that you bought for yourself?
Cauliflowers. Heh. 


I love most blogs I have on my reading list and I really appreciate the uniqueness of each of you :) There are always something to learn from other's blog posts as well as your awesome thinking and writing skills. For this time, I would love to nominate these 11 blogs;

And my questions to you are.... (hehe sorry if they are not exciting as you thought they will be)

  1. What is the first impression you always get?
  2. Is it true? And do you like that impression?
  3. How do you react to someone who keeps on talking to you about topics you are not interested in?
  4. Do you mind to buy albums (physically / digitally) of songs you love to listen or just download them online?
  5. What kind of items you don't mind buying the expensive one?
  6. Do you jot down notes during lectures / talks or simply listen and remember?
  7. Mountains vs beaches? And why?
  8. Do you separate your trash into categories?
  9. Do you put your phone on flight mode when charging?
  10. Would you mind to share the latest picture in your phone gallery (if appropriate)?
  11. Do you think time-travel is good (if it will be possible in the future)?

I don't mind if you guys are not possible to create a post on this blogger award as I believe most of you have been awarded by other bloggers as well. And there will be tonnes of questions you need to answer. Hehe. 

But, maybe you can use the questions as a part of your future blog posts or maybe leave as comments below. It sounds just nice, I think. :)

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