I Thought Yesterday Would Be Awful

March 17, 2017

"Oh, I do not know I have a student today. Well, I have many patients now, I don't think I can help with your lessons."

Ouch. That. Feeling. 
I felt rejected. 

Total replacement of knee joint.

It was not the first time to receive this response, as there will always be some miscommunication between education department and hospital. Well, sometimes they plan well but let's say that the doctor who is supposed to be in charge suddenly take an emergency leave, the secretary need to re-organize the schedule. 

I know this is an advantage for students who love to skip classes (yes, there are few) but I do not feel good to do so. I just replied with, "It is okay, I can just stay in the room and watch you treating patients."

I quickly took out my phone for Internet and Google Translate. Well, not every single Czech words are recorded in my brain anyway. Heee. Some medical terms are also used in local language so I need to know the universal one.

Honestly I thought I was doomed for that day. Maybe because my day started with something embarrassing very early in the morning... I don't think I want to share it here.

Surprisingly, the doctor was very nice actually. Despite the first response and patients' list kept increasing, he actually tried his best to teach me while treating his patients. He explained why he did this and that.. and answered my questions. Since I was in Orthopedic department, there were quite a lot of procedures need to be done - joint aspiration, X-ray, casting, bandaging, wound dressing. 

Orthopedic = a branch of surgery on musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons etc)

I mentioned in my Twitter that patients here love to give food to the doctor and nurse who attend them. It can be bread, a big jar of Nescafe, fruits, cakes, chocolates etc. This looks like a tradition.

For yesterday, my doctor received a box of cake & cookies, a bottle of Whiskey, a box of Ferrero Rocher. I believe he received more that these towards the end of the day.

He even offered me to eat them. "We have a lot of these," he said.
HAHA asyik makan manis je dah akhir-akhir ni. 


Maybe we can try this habit in Malaysia :D Even though I am not sure if doctors and nurses will have enough time to eat all of the food or is it proper to give something. But I have the feeling that this habit will make them smiling the whole day. Hehe.

Salam Jumaat, everyone :)

HK, Czech

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