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March 23, 2017

I was walking home with my friend, talking bits of this and that.. then we separated at the junction as we were heading to different direction. Along the way back home, I realized the flowers started to bloom. Yes, it is spring now people.

Actually, the spring had officially started last Monday. The funny thing was even though I already lived in this four-seasons country for more than 5 years, I do not really know when spring officially begin. For me myself:
  • Winter is when it is getting very cold and snow starts to fall.
  • Spring is when flowers start to bloom and I can see green, fresh grass. 
  • Summer is when I need to wake up at 2-4am for Fajr.
  • Autumn is when leaves start to change color into golden and fall. 

Hmmm, I am not sure what actually I want to share about in this post. 

Maybe about...

Every time I see flowers blooming or seeds start to germinate, these natural phenomena remind me of one thing, hope. Hope is a very big and crucial thing. It is what keeps us strong and going. Even though sometimes things happen not according to our high hope, please... don't give up on hope. 

A lovely person reminds me that we still need to plan and put hope, nevertheless. With planning, at least we have something as goals to fight for, otherwise our life will be aimless. Either we achieve it or not, it is a different story. The thing is, have we done our best to approach it? Have we plan well how to achieve it?

Looking forward for this in Spring :) | May 2015
Suddenly writing about this reminds me of Surah Al-Balad which literally means the city (of Makkah) and generally teaches us about the reality of human's life. 

"We have certainly created man (to be) in hardship." - Al-Balad 90:4

Life is a struggle. 
Not only to human, even to plants or trees. 

I don't think trees can easily survive in harsh winter without proper adaptation given by Allah. Take a small seed for example, we plant it under the ground and we put good quality of soil and water so that the seed can germinate easily. What do you think will happen if the seed need to overcome solid, hard soil in order to show its shoots?

It can still grow but with hardship. It can still grow despite all the hardships. 

The reason is... it uses all hardships to improve itself from a single seed into a small plant and then into a tree. Allah provides it with that kind of adaptation ability and of course the seed knows why it needs to grow. To provide shelter from sunlight, to provide woods to human, to provide food as well and those give hope to seed to continue growing. 

Same goes to human - to know the purposes of living and put hope to live properly. 

Use the hardship to improve ourselves, to take us to better level and to give benefits to people around us. All in all, aim that everything will leads towards Allah. 

I'll come to you one day,
I'll hold your hands for you, 
I'll run even I'm out of breath.
I'll confess one day,
I'll take courage for you,
I'll run even I'm out of breath.

Lyrics can be exaggerating sometime.. maybe because I usually appreciate melody more than lyrics, but I found this song as one that gives me hope, indirectly. :) 


I think I don't have new collections of random photos lately. Blame my laziness.

Till then.
HK, Czech

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