Cycling Trip : Pardubice, Czech

March 8, 2017

The route was similar to the one I did in 2014 to Vysoka Nad Labem, just I cycled further to the south of Hradec Kralove to another city, Pardubice. My cycling momentum was not that good even though I started cycling again to school. Maybe 2 months of break (from the bicycle) is the main reason for this. I still have a month of bus card anyway. Hmmmm.

I will think about the bus card later.

Cycling Trip : Pardubice, Czech
Hradec Kralove - Pardubice

  • Saturday, 4th March 2017
  • 29km
  • 1hour 57 minutes
  • 15 km/h

Cycling Trip : Pardubice, Czech
There is a castle as the background if you realise. :)

Honestly, for all those adrenaline-rush activities I've done.... I believe the mental strength controlled them all.

It was always great to plan the route, but, I was gasping for air after 5-6km where I had at least 15km to go. My thigh and leg muscles were kind of giving up. But, the weather was nice, with sunshine and not that cold. Just, the wind was not helping much. Instead of pushing me forward, unfortunately the wind was attacking me from the front. Plus, the air pressure from the passing cars literally pushed me to the side of the road with deep drains.

Not good, not good.

Cycling Trip : Pardubice, Czech
I can feel spring is coming :)

I passed many neighborhood and surprisingly for the first time ever, I did not take lots of photos along the journey. I was really tired to paddle my bike, could not think much to hold the GoPro. My phone was safely attached to the handle (as navigation).

Upon reaching Pardubice, I was greeted with Labe River. Although it is basically the same river that passes Hradec Kralove, the feeling was a bit different. Along the river I could see many people enjoying the sunshine by spending time together with friends and families. Some people were riding the bicycles, some were roller-blading while some people just walked. :)

I am so going to miss this view.

Cycling Trip : Pardubice, Czech
2 hours before sunset. 

Cycling Trip : Pardubice, Czech
I fancy this one! T_T

Cycling Trip : Pardubice, Czech
Awesome weather for an ice-cream!

Told you, my stamina was drained. I just could not think about cycling for another 20+km to get back to my hometown. So, I decided to just take a train. Hehehe. Guess what, the ticket for a bike from Pardubice to Hradec Kralove was almost the same as a ticket for a person. T_T

Oh yea, bicycle in Czech is known as 'kola'.

Cycling Trip : Pardubice, Czech
In the train

To hang the bike in the train was quite hard and luckily there was a helpful Czech who even helped me to take my bike downstairs and upstairs at the train station! Thank you so much!

Although this post sounds a bit depressing (ahaha), but hey, it was a very nice ride on a very sunny day, especially it proved that the spring is just around the corner. Wohoooo, can't wait for rapeseed fields, dandelions and green leaves again!

HK, Czech

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