Birthday Gifts From Lovely Maryam

October 11, 2016

I mentioned Maryam a lot in my blog, if you realized. :D She is one of the artistic friend I've ever met especially in photography and videography. She owns a YouTube channel and please do subscribe as all her videos will not disappoint you. Hihi.

Honestly I am not a person who care much about birthday, even my own. My birthday used to be during school days when I was younger and since few years back I had the chance to spend the day with my family. I am an August baby anyway. From what I remember, I have not organised or being thrown any birthday party. 

Budak nerd kan. Lol

Me, Maryam, Lucie - somewhere in the forest in HK for autumn ride. 

But, I received gifts, a lot. And Maryam is one of them who never fail to give something every year. While writing this up, I have been self-reflecting.... awwww, I should have appreciate our friendship more :)

Inside the cover of this gift is a book, the awesome one so far till the pages that I've read now, I am telling you! I will share more about the book soon, insyAllah, as I am still on my way reading the whole pages. :)

Birthday Gifts From Lovely Maryam
'Good will' bookmark :)

Dearest Yams,

You are a unique, interesting, lovely friend to me. Thanks for being there for me since A-Level. Eventhough we might be not that close at that time, but I'm sure our friendship is growing stronger now, right? Alhamdulillah. Thank you for girls' talk that we shared during the sleep over sometimes. Thank you for being the best deejay for our road trips, every time. You and the free offline Spotify that you registered with different email accounts. Haha

Thank you for keep taking good pictures and videos of me and the rest while compiling them into YouTube videos, which always be the best place to reminisce all those memories we've spent together. Thank you for always excites me with new places, cycling and hiking trails even though there was one time that I left you back there with Czech students in Snezka. I am still regretting that and I hope I have improved myself since then. T___T

Thank you for being a good study and discussion partner for our crash course of revisions, days before our tests and exams. Thank you for taking care of Atan for us. Thank you for all yummy desserts that you made. Not to forget, haha thank you for tolerating with me and my Malay retro and Korean songs even though those are kinda aliens to you. Thank you for keep staying there when I was too loud or did something weird in public and people kept staring at us. HAHA

I hope you will stay the way you are - the gentle, soft-spoken girl. I must say that I am so lucky to have the chance to spend most of the holidays together, either in or out of Czech. It's been more than 5 years now and counting, insyAllah. 

Thank you for everything, my beloved Maryam Nabihah <3

HK, Czech

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