[Photos] Hiking to Pramen Labe & Pančavský Waterfall, the Highest in Czech Republic

November 8, 2016

In previous part of this hiking trip, I mentioned about two points of interest that I was really looking forward to. 

Let's go!

Here! This is one of them. 

1. Pramen Labe

It simply means Source of Labe.

For those people who have not been to Czech yet, you might never heard about Labe River. But, this river is the best part of my town Hradec Kralove. I usually jog, walk and even cycle along the river - see how significant it is in my heart.

Can you see Hradec Kralove there? Basically there is a wall full of the badges. What do they mean? The badges show which cities Labe River pass through! :D

See, a lot! Two countries included - Czech & Germany. 

The other name of this river is Elbe (mostly used for German parts of it). I think I mentioned a lot about this river in most posts in this blog. Hehe

Basically this is it. Macam telaga je dah. :p The scary part that time was, I was literally walking on the icy water - not sure if the water is the river itself or the frozen snow. 
After Pramen Labe, my next stop was a restaurant - to warm myself with a cup of hot chocolate or maybe some warm soup. I need heater obviously, my feet were frozen, my socks were wet. See the roof? That's the restaurant. Not so many people in it, I bet because of the weather. 

Interior design of the restaurant. I ordered garlic soup. That's the only cheap vegetarian food. Haha.

View from my seat.

After buying some postcards and I warmed myself enough, I continued my hiking trip to the next point. The views never fail to amaze me, despite it was so cold! 

Look, snow everywhere on the trail. I just could not differentiate any stones beneath the snow. T_T 

Glad to have blue sky suddenly.

SubhanAllah :D

Okayyyy, this is the place! Can you see the water flowing?

It doesn't look interesting right?

But guess what, this is actually a waterfall. And another fact, it is the highest waterfall in Czech Republic! with 148 meters. 

2. Pančavský waterfall

Yes, it is not as big as waterfall in Malaysia though. I can just imagine Lata Kinjang in Tapah-Cameron Highlands - almost 200meters high. 

That are two main attractions of this mountain - Krkonoše Mountain.

Okayy, let's just enjoy the views of the rest of the trip.

I love the view. 


This is a building for soldiers I think?

It's almost sunset. 


Look at the signboards. Hahaha. I could not read anything at all. Make sure to have the maps with you to make sure you will not get lost. 

Sunset with thick clouds.

On the way back. Walking down the mountains were challenging as well. So slippery and I walked just like penguins. :p

Kasut yang banyak berjasa. HAHA, Pity this running shoes. :p

I managed to get back to the bus stop about 6pm, an hour earlier than estimated time. It was very dark at that time, luckily I brought along a torchlight. :p Falling down onto icy roads were uncountable. Haha

p/s - The next day, I went wall-climbing for 3 hours. Seriously I have no idea where my energy comes from.
p/s/s - Yes, I finished the whole route of 20km :D

HK, Czech

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