Goodbye Again.

February 12, 2017

4.15am Malaysia

She's gone.
My babysitter. 

Suddenly I remember you, Abg Long. You must be one of the saddest person to know about this. Your are the most closest to her among our siblings. Obviously, she is like a mother to us, kan Abg Long? We always try to visit her every year for Eid during my summer breaks. 

Oh I forgot, you are gone too.

And I am still here, thousand miles far away from people I treasure the most. 

Have a good rest, both of you.

Semoga kubur dilapangkan, semoga Allah lancarkan urusan di alam sana. 
Ku kirimkan doa dari jauh. 

Everything happened for reasons, Nina.

As I proceed with my life, I will bring along memories with you guys together.
Always in my mind.
Always in my prayers.

I can't imagine how my future will look like.
But I'm sure Allah will lead me.

See you soon, Abg Long & Kak Di. 
Let's be friends in Jannah, okay?

Ameen, ameen!

Allah, please give me strength.
Mental strength.

I know you know I can face all of these. 
Just.. just provide me with more strength. 

HK, Czech

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