Port Dickson, For Our Quick Getaway Needs

February 24, 2017

Port Dickson is generally the quick getaway destination when people are in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life in Kuala Lumpur. Although I am not living in the capital city, I can say I get tired easily most of the time I have tasks to do there. Well, that's where most big companies, government and non-government organizations are located, right? 

Though the beaches may not be as glorious as what the Northern Malaysia offers, for that quick #vitaminsea and #beachplease needs, Port Dickson is totally the place to be.

If we are totally contemplating on heading there for the long weekends ahead, here are some of the best hotels that we should totally check them out. In fact, head on down to Port Dickson more often to cover all these amazing hotels. Most of them are where I would definitely love to stay in the future.

1. Avillion Port Dickson

Avillion Port Dickson is an award-winning beach resort right here in Malaysia that directly faces the Straits of Malacca. It includes over 258 awesome, luxuriously designed rooms, chalets and villas. From my reading, the design of this resort is inspired by the architecture of an Old World Malay fishing village. Furthermore, we can enjoy Malaysia's rich heritage, fused with modern style.

Lookout point. Credit - Avillion Port Dickson

I would really love to immerse myself with the activities offered by this beach resort. For example, they serve local musical performance like caklempong and other Negeri Sembilan's culture. As a sunset lover, its lookout point is also a place I am looking forward to! <3

2. Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Grand Lexis Port Dickson is a 5-Star resort (my ultimate favourite) is greatly inspired by the Balinese architecture. It can be clearly seen in their villas, sitting atop the majestic open sea and linked by spacious boardwalks. Grand Lexis offers their guests luxurious accommodation with 317 spacious villas that are totally Instagram worthy. ^_^

Oh yea, if you have the experience flying over this area, you can also see the hibiscus's pattern of resorts. That is Lexis Hibiscus, a part of Lexis Hotel Group which I saw it few times on my inbound and outbound flight.  

The private pool I guess? :D Credit - Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Here comes my favourite part – each villa comes with its own private pool!  For unsurpassed privacy and convenience, we can enjoy ultimate peace, tranquility and rejuvenation while being spoilt in all the luxurious this resort has to offer. Worth the money, I can say!

3. Tistle Port Dickson

This 5-stars beach resort is situated on a beautiful private 3km long of Port Dickson’s finest beach, Teluk Kemang. I personally often go to Teluk Kemang other than Port Dickson :D It offers 251 luxurious rooms no matter if we are heading there for a business travel, a romantic break or just a quick gateway with your family and friends. 

View of the beach resort. Credit - Tistle Port Dickson Resort

Not only that, for golfers who would like to hit it up in the golf course, you can do it over the magnificent view of the Straits of Melaka. Oh yea, every Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy few activities offered by Tistle like kite-flying, movie under the starts etc.

4. Avillion Admiral Cove

Avillion Admiral Cove is a sister of Avillion Port Dickson (just 10 minutes' drive away) that I've shared previously. Based on its motto 'Creative. Dynamic. Refreshing.', I can say this hotel offers a perfect tranquil getaway while guests can enjoy its clean contemporary feel with the ambiance of the sea, especially the beautiful view of Strait of Malacca. 

Look at the view :D Credit - Avillion Admiral Cove

An offer that attracts me is the 'Thrilling Holiday' offer. With a reasonable price, we can enjoy 2D1N stay together with breakfast buffet in this hotel. The price includes flying fox and high rope challenge PLUS steamboat dinner. 

Ehemmm. I can see food and adventure!


These are indeed some hotels that I absolutely adore and would love to stay in Port Dickson. Yes, I know they may be expensive but why not we spend once in a while for a comfortable, calm accommodation like these? :) Relax our mind and our body. 

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