Parcels From Malaysia

February 22, 2017

After a while I have not received any parcels from Malaysia, wow it feels amazing. :) Receiving postcards is another story hehe.

It means a parcel / package in Czech.


Basically the method of receiving a parcel in Czech is similar to Malaysia. The postmen will come to your flat / house and ring your doorbell. If you are at home, you can receive the parcel right at your front door. Otherwise, they will leave you a letter to inform you can take the parcel at the post office mentioned. 

That's one of the reason why I don't usually use my flat address if I want to buy anything online. Or to send any parcels after I exceeded by 30kg luggage limit when I returned home for summer break.

Alternative - university's address.
This is the best address to send for any parcels from Malaysia. :D

My second parcel in Czech. 


Most of us always get our parcels stuck at Prague customs and we need to clarify the items and estimates the value of the parcels. These processes are easier when we can ask help from the student office to deal with customs. Especially when we need a confirmation letter that we are students of that university as well. 

Why the parcels stuck? 

I think maybe because Malaysians always have 'weird' stuffs (read: food) in the parcels. Hihihi. The best thing is the customs do not reject our food. :p So far I can recall. 

How track & track looks like. This one was from 2012.

Then, just track and trace via Česká pošta. Oh, you can also know you have a stuck parcel with this update, " the item into a temporary store" "...present documents for proving customs value". 

Usually it will take 1-2weeks until we can get the parcels.

It smells great. :)

My cousin sent me this, a sejadah :) Hihi. She went for umrah and we did not have chance to meet after she returned home. So she posted it instead. Thank you, Fa. Love it so much and love you too  <3

HK, Czech

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