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February 7, 2017

Twitter is where I occasionally spend time to rant about life and study. Especially within exam periods, I always spam my friends' feeds with many medical stuffs I revising as I do scroll my own timeline and reread what I've tweeted. 

Sambil tweet, sambil belajar. Haha.

Well, Facebook is ALWAYS too public to update a new post. ALWAYS.

Sekadar hiasan. lol

Here are few things I found interesting on Twitter.
Well, social media is good for us if we know how to use it wisely. :p

1. Medical Jokes.

I have told you guys, patients in the hospital here really know which medications they are taking. They will mention statins (instead of ubat jantung / cholesterol), captopril (instead of ubat untuk buah pinggang), allopurinol (instead of ubat gout) and maybe the easiest one, paracetamol (instead of panadol if in Malaysia). They know the generic names, I mean the chemical names of the drugs.

A good point to take here, please know the medications you take, especially for life long treatment (hypertension, diabetes etc.). Keep the name of the drugs on your phone's notes maybe and it would be better to record the dosage as well. :)

2. Motivations.

Well, there were some times I looked down at myself. I am so much better now, I am more confident with who I am. I would love to thank all people around me who always give positive vibes and encourage me to go strong.

What do you feel when people keep coming to you asking 'how do you stay motivated?' Hahaha.

Allahu, if and only if they knew the tears I had, the struggles I made, the complaints I shared. I may look tough but I own a soft heart. T_T

3. Reminders.

I watched a live video of Farah Lee on Instagram few days back, at that time she was sharing the verses from my favourite surah, Ash-Sharh (Insyirah). 

Verily, with the hardship, there is relief.

I always remind myself not to complain 'what if I did like this before, what if I choose the other road...' if we continue with that thought, it is never going to end. Always do the best in whatever we are trying to achieve. Honestly, it is really a hard struggle. But, let ourselves open for the happiness. Every sad thing happens in our life, Allah gives another blessing in a way we do not even realize. 

p/s - My exam is postponed to 16th Feb, need to use the extra 3 days wisely. I'll keep praying for the best results. Ameen. 

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