Comparing Myself to Spring

February 21, 2017

Spring here is NOT the season. It is an object. The spring. :D

I drafted this post while studying for this topic. A month ago. It sounds kind of close to me and looks obviously possible to happen during my working life in the future. Recently, I read lots of news about doctors:

Studying to be one is hard enough and being one will be hard as well. Hahahaha. 

So, what am I trying to say about spring and how does it related to myself? 

1. Concept of a Spring.
First, we need to understand this. We use springs to keep things hanging or bouncing. One simple example is this, the cradle. 

Credit to

I am sure most of our parents used this when we were little babies, to keep us calm and to let us sleep. It is said to have a similar feeling of being in the womb - but I am not that sure.

To use the spring correctly, we need to set a weight limit so that it can return to original shape when we remove the attached load.

2. Spring and Us.
Same goes to stress and our mental strength or ability to cope with the problems

For some people, they know how to adjust or adapt themselves well to the situation, so they have better elasticity which means, they can return to the original person after the problems have been solved. They can smile happily, live in a normal life they used to have.

But, for another group of people, they just can't. They have less elasticity that they can't cope well and that what can lead to depression and in working life - it is called burnt out syndrome.

3. What does it mean with burnt out syndrome?
It is compilation of symptoms especially targeting the mental of a person:

  • Feel dissatisfy
  • Feel incompetence in profession
  • Depersonalization (not feeling the same person)
  • Deprive emotion

There are some mild symptoms of being anxious, tension, easily get angry, depressed, unable to focus. Then, that person will avoid any participation in family matters, from society and even have problem with marriage and friendship. The worst is to have psychological problems.

It is quite common in profession of doctors as they will reach up to the level of being less-sensitive, feeling-less. Just go ask few doctors how do they feel about seeing dying patients, most of them feel it as a common thing they can witness almost every day. While death is not something other people look as common, but, doctors and other medical teams get immune to it and just let it go.

That's how doctors cope with the stress trigger. Letting it go.
And it is totally easy to be said than done. Seriously, it needs help and practice. 

4. What to do if we have the symptoms?
Oh yea, burnt out syndrome can happen to anyone okay? Check ourselves and if you think you have the symptoms, please please seek for supports. Some people are blessed with understanding family and friends but for others, you can seek therapy from counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists. 

Seeking help from psychiatrists or psychologists or counselors does not mean we are bad or crazy. For me personally, it shows we care about ourselves, our mental health. 

Let the problem out, don't keep it to yourselves.

Do things you love to do at EVERY free time you have. Eat out, live a healthy life, keep doing positive things, support each other. 

Till then, 
Keep ourselves healthy!
Physically and mentally :)

HK, Czech

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