Malaysian Backpackers I Met in Czech

February 23, 2017

This is kind of appreciation post for these beautiful and handsome people for letting me join their sweet escape in Czech. :)

I mentioned few times, I really love the moment when I heard any Malaysians coming to Czech, especially if they contacted me for any reasons about the trip. It can be about where I recommend to stay (any Airbnb would be more than okay), where are best hidden places to aim for, cheapest things to look for, where to buy souvenirs or simply asking me to guide them around. If they will be girls, I will invite them to my own flat, if it suits their plan (even though it is 2 hours from Prague).

Afiq, Zam, Tong, Haziq, Iran

Earlier this year, I am blessed to meet these people around. All of them are Malaysians studying in Russia. The boys for aviation and the sweet girl in the picture below is a doctor-to-be. If you have friends studying there, you may realized they have good sense of fashion. Haha. Totally opposite than me. 

The boys are 6 years younger than me anyway! Adik-adik sangatttt.


This is honestly a girl whom I can have instant chemistry. Haha. We contacted each other few times before meeting in Prague. She thought I am around her age, oh my god haha she is much youngerrrr than me. After walking around Prague, we took a train back to HK. We planned for Adrspach the next day but it was getting cold so we decided to walk around this town instead and talked about stuffs that people DON'T usually talk about on their first meeting. Lol. 

And I climbed the White Tower in my town for the first time ever! With her. 

I always adore solo female backpackers. She is one of them. :) 


Some interesting stuffs I learned from them:

1. How to answer Maths questions in an oral exam?
Final exams in Russia are similar to Czech, we have oral exam when we need to answer questions in front of the teacher / examiner / doctor. You are so dead if you can't focus your mind to the questions as you can't skip the questions to be answered later. Everything is on spot. And you will know you are answering correctly or not, on spot again. Haha. You can also get the results few minutes after your exam.

So, for Maths questions, they told me that they will be given time to solve the problem but if they got it wrong, the examiner will create more Maths problems / questions to be answered in front of him. Scary.

2. Knowing different types / names of Swarovski's products.
I don't know much about these. Actually, Swarovski is getting famous in Malaysia when 200 Swarovski crystals encrusted on dUCk scarves are sold for RM800. Well, Swarovski's products are beautiful, I followed few people into the stores. The watches looks so girly and sweet, anyway. 

3. Make up.
Haha, this is another thing beyond my skill. I never have proper make up on my face. I don't even know if moisturizers and BB cream are considered as make ups or simply facial care. Nisa shared with me few basic things about make up, I think I will try soon. Haha. 


If you are travelling to Czech soon and you happened to read this. Feel free to contact me, I may have busy schedules but I will reply you :) And nope, I don't charge anything, it is just I would loveeee to listen to your travel stories and experiences. That's way more than enough for me. Hehe.

HK, Czech

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