He Granted You Almost Everything

February 10, 2017

There was one day I felt going through my emails again. Yes, I am a classic person sometimes. I do exchange emails and I used to have pen-pals when I had my first email. But eh why I think I was introvert? Haha.

I am ambivert now :)

Going through all those emails recalled my memories on how immature and childish I was. Haha very funny! Looking back on how I see things back then, it was like....'ya Allah, aku macam ni eh dulu?' There were few points I discussed with my friends on how our life will look like in few upcoming years (which is like.... now?). Only then I realized I am really a different person since then. And Allah actually granted almost everything I prayed for, in the most beautiful ways I have no idea it would be that lovely. Ouch, I can't describe the feeling but, hey could not we realized that Allah really listens to our prayers?

  • I wish for happiness. He gave me challenges that make me struggle for happiness. 
  • I wish for good friendship. He gave me friends who were not there when you are down, but He replaced with new friends who always cheer you up. 
  • I wish for good health. He gave me flu fever bits here and there to make me feel grateful to have more concern on my health status.
  • I wish for good life-companion. But for this one, I am still seeking for guidance and may Allah ease everything. InsyAllah, ameen.

Try it yourself, check how you look like yearssssss back. Hahaha.

There will be so many memories you wish you can skip but actually that's the point of having experiences. Different people with different stories and things do happened for reasons. Don't let them ruin your life, move on.

  • Improve our relationship with Allah.
  • Take care our connection with our parents and family.
  • Be good to our friends.
  • Spread kindness and love.

The most important, be grateful for EVERYTHING that happen in our life. This is the MAIN MESSAGE for myself as well. 

It's hard to be positive, but I'm trying my best :D :D :D
That's why we need reminders!

Salam Jumaah, guys.
Happy weekend!

p/s - Allah tengok usaha kan, Nina. Remember that. Do your best and leave the rest to Him.

HK, Czech

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