A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia

October 25, 2017

Honestly, I've been to Kuala Perlis before (actually yearsssss ago) and the main reason was my family and I were on our short holiday trip to Langkawi. As you guys know, there are three ways to gain access to Langkawi - either by ferry from Kuala Perlis, or from Kuala Kedah, or by flight directly into the island. 

That was it.

I didn't explore Perlis much that time. Had no experience to its attractions, no idea about any famous local food etc.

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia
Beautiful Perlis

Last weekend, I joined Puteri to Perlis, her mum's hometown. Maybe I'll share more about my friendship with Puteri hihi (entah-entah dia tengah baca ni haaa). I have no idea what to expect as I am not that used to join anyone balik kampung (other than my own kampung) and usually I will sleepover at my friends' houses only if my parents know and meet them already. Well, in this case, Puteri's parents are my parents' friends and colleagues. So, no need to worry about this :)

I actually didn't expect my parents will allow me that time when I asked their permission. HEHEHE

So, on Saturday, we left our town around 11am. Puteri picked me up at my house and off we go towards the north of Malaysia. Dropped by few groceries stores to get stuffs needed by Puteri's Tok (well, some items in Perak maybe not widely available in Perlis). Just few kilometers before we reached the highway, a car passed ours. Haha that was Puteri's parents' car and they were on their way to the north as well but to send her sister back to the university. 

Just like how Ayah will do whenever we travel in 2 separate cars - Ayah will drive behind his children's car :) Puteri's father did the same thing. ^_^

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia
On our way.

In the car, there were Kak Zira (Puteri's colleague who is now my friend as well hahaha) and Tok (Puteri's grandmother). I love the moments when I can mingle with new people and don't feel awkward much :) Kak Zira is a very sempoi girl, in which at the same time being the eldest among us three, she took care of us :D Tok on the other hand, still looks healthy and firm. Although she is around 80's, she does not wear any spectacles and can walk without any stick. 

Sitting at the back with Tok reminded me with my own grandparents. I don't have any of them anymore so it felt so great to finally feel the love again from the old folks. I am so thankful and grateful to have this opportunity, not only to strengthening my friendship with Puteri and Kak Zira but also to feel something I haven't felt for quite a while. :)

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia
The best part of Northern states of Malaysia is this - sawah padiiiiii.

After we reached Tok's house, we rested a bit before headed out for dinner. Puteri took us to Kuala Perlis and drove us along the beach (is it also called as beach? hehe) As the sand is not really like the one in Pantai Timur but more to mudflat. Not sure.

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia
Kurung Tengar

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia
Low tide.

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia
My hand was trying to enjoy the wind :)

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia
We had our dinner there while enjoying the beautiful sunset :D

Before we go back to Tok's house, we stopped at shops in Arau to buy some stuffs needed. 

The funny part was, at first I thought the trip was going to be a day trip! Lol, it was actually not but I am still glad with that surprise! We had more time to spend in Perlis :D Just I need to buy some extra clothes haha

The next day, we went for a morning hike together. Till next post :)

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