[Photos] Curry Palace in Prague, Czech

October 10, 2017

No, it is not a real palace but a restaurant. :)

13th July 2017

Curry Palace, Prague, Czech

It was my first time there with parents after my graduation day - an Indian & Bangladeshi restaurant, suggested by my friend, studying in Prague.
Curry Palace

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Curry Palace in Prague, Czech

Yes, they served halal food (beef, chicken, mutton etc) but don't be surprised to see 'alcohol' in the menu for drinks. I can say 98% restaurants in Czech served alcoholic drinks (even the one that serve halal food). It is different than in Malaysia where we have so many other choices of restaurants. 

Just, order non-alcoholic drinks and say that you don't want any alcohol (best way is to say you are allergic) in the food either. 

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Prawn madras
- a typical dish of medium hot and sour taste
- prepared with chilli powder, lemon juice and tomato puree
= 195kc

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Chana masala 
- chickpea cooked with Indian spices
= 155kc

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Lamb biryani 150g 
- specially prepared with basmati rice, nuts, raisins and mixture of indian spices, served with raitha
= 230kc

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Chicken Tandoori 300g
- chicken legs marinated over night in yogurt, ginger, ground spices and saffron
- roasted delicately in the Tandoor oven
= 185kc

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Plain Naan = 40kc
- soft bread
Cheese Naan = 60kc
- cheese bread 

  • Lamb Biryani 150g          = 230kc
  • Chana Masala                  = 155kc
  • Prawn Madras 150g        = 195kc
  • Chicken Tandoori 300g   = 185kc
  • Cheese Naan                     = 60kc
  • Plain Naan                        = 40kc
  • Vittel 1L (mineral water) = 95kc
  • Take Away Box                 = 30kc

= 990kc (including 15% VAT)

  • Authentic taste of Indian food, simply delicious and suitable to our Asian tongue :)
  • The food price is actually fair enough for large portions of food! We even take away left over food (like briyani and tandoori). Just if you think you can't finish the whole portion, simply share with friends or take away. Take away box is charged, so maybe you can save on that by bringing your own small food plastic container.
  • Careful of the hotness of the food - like Phall and Jalfrasie dishes.
  • There are many vegetarian dishes to choose if you would like to.
  • Mineral water is obviously expensive. Bring your own water. 1L mineral water only cost 15kc in Tesco.
  • Or maybe you can try mango lassi - a trademark of Indian restaurants there. 
  • Clean dining area, clean toilets.
  • Excellent, friendly service and staffs. They even offer us any praying mat when we told them if it is possible to pray there. No prayer room but we just pray at the table, not many people around at that time. 
  • On the maps, the nearest tram stops are Letenské náměstí and Korunovační. We went there by Uber anyway, directly in front of the restaurant. 

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
It was like a feast for the three of us. :D

Curry Palace
Jirečkova 13
Praha 7, 170 00

+420 233 378 342
+420 775 146 252


Opening hours:
Mon - Fri, 11:00 - 22:30
Sat - Sun, 13:00 - 22:30


SS, Perak, Malaysia

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