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October 3, 2017

I think I really need to slow down reading novels and read medical notes instead (maybe in between other books hehe). My knowledge and memories are a bit rusty after about 3 months graduating. 


Let's check this book out! I bought it from Novelhut (a book shop in Ipoh that sells, buys, rents mostly preloved books etc).

front cover

Title: Pecah
Author: Khairulnizam Bakeri
Pages: 310
Publisher: Buku Fixi
Publication Date: 2011

Honestly, there are so many characters in this novel! And few different time zones too!

Basically, it is about 4 guys (Herman, Alan, Radi, Don) who rob a bank (specifically CIMB Shah Alam) in which the manager is Kazim. When they are trying to run away, Kazim shot Alan's thigh and this leads to Alan's hospitalization in HTAR, Klang. At the same time, an old guy named Bakar is warded as well after he lost consciousness while being treated in sort of old folks home, Rumah Seri Memori. The persons in charge of Bakar are Dr. Vivian and Lidya, the nurse. 

All of them are eventually related to each other. But how?

Herman is actually a father to a daughter, Hanis and he works as a lawyer. Hanis knows and understands her dad a lot. What happen to her mum? It is interesting to figure out why and how Herman, even though has a stable, secured job can plan a robbery like this. What actually happens to him that changes him like that? And also how Herman can be in a group with the other robbers?

Another interesting parts to read are how the guys plan well trying to run away from the polices, how they hide the money the stole, what happen to them at the end. Oh yea, other than money they also rob a safety box.... but why? Why rob a safety box when they don't even have the security code?

back cover

The plot is a bit confusing, again this Fixi novel plays with different time zones even though it can involve the same person. Like, the current life of Herman and Herman's few years younger. Just, readers need to focus on the timeline in each chapters. 

1. Alcohol and us.
Few parts in this novel portray characters with alcohol and readers can obviously see the effects of alcohol to human beings, society, health etc. 

A teaser for you.

Alcohol kills family relationship!
Not just the anger it can cause to human, but incest (sumbang mahram) when a father unconsciously raped his own daughter! T__T What is the relationship between the baby who may be born to a father who is also his/her grandfather?!


2. Health workers need to treat 'all' kind of patients.
This is a reflection and a point to prepare myself with. 

In the hospital, anybody can get sick. No matter who they are, what kind of jobs are they doing, how are the family members, do they have any RVD / STD etc.

RVD is a term used to describe a patient with HIV / AIDS. RVD stands for retroviral disease in which HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a type of retrovirus.

STD = sexually transmitted diseases.

With practices, I hope I will not be judgmental towards these patients. Same goes to criminals T_T


Just a short book reflection I think.

This books lacks romance and comedy so don't expect them. But it offers mind blows after you figure out slowly the relationship between every characters plus the motive of this robbery. Even till the end, you may get palpitation to figure out what happen next.

My rating: ★★★★☆

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