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October 4, 2017

It should be autumn in Czech right now T_T

Just came back from Pantai Timur (again). Haha. It feels like a third home for me, both Kelantan & Terengganu. And guess what, I am going there again before 2018 comes in. :) Wohooo.

This time, not with my parents but friends instead. I took a night bus from Amanjaya Ipoh to Hentian Bas Kota Bharu (close to Tesco). Well, I guess I am getting used to express buses in Malaysia, or maybe because I am old enough that my parents trust that I can survive the trips. Super happy when I know I can now book the bus tickets online! I know it has started for awhile. Hehe.

easybook.com is my favourite so far. I haven't try any other websites though, why should I if I don't have problems yet with this one and the price is almost similar if I buy tickets at the counter.

Going out of Perak again very soon. 
I am very glad I have productive days (I hope so) so far. 

Some people asked I applied any part time jobs (I mean with proper working hours). Well, I would love to but not this year. I have plans here and there till end of 2017 and hope everything will turn out well.

Oh yea, what do you guys think about Grab / Uber female drivers
If you mind, please share your thoughts, especially about the safety precautions. I have just met one female Uber driver so far. Or maybe any of you who have been Grab / Uber drivers? Thank you in advanced!

p/s - Day 65 of BFG

SS, Perak, Malaysia 

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