Few Hours in Padang Besar, Perlis

October 30, 2017

The feeling to be here is quite similar to Rantau Panjang or any other shopping areas in Kelantan. Have been to Bukit Kayu Hitam when I was a child just I have no memories at all about the place, but I think it is similar as well. 

We parked the car around the complex, RM3 per entry and then we started window shopping. I did not have any plan to buy anything as seems like I don't need anything new for now, but of course I'll buy something for mak ayah abangngah. 

I used to love collecting postcards as I had a wall of memories (including postcards) when I was in Czech. Just, here in Perak I can't stick any random stuffs on the wall - they will damage the wallpaper. :D instead I have nature themed featured wall in my room right now that I feel so happy waking up in the morning to see it. :)

Well, situation changes. So do people.

So, let me show you around the complex :)

You can find many stuffs here to buy - either for your own use or as souvenirs.

3 of these moderate-sized bags for RM10. Or 4 of small-sized ones. 

Again, the famous day-trip backpack for short hike. :D Hahaha when I bought mine in Decathlon, Czech it was not yet famous in Malaysia. 99kc last time I bought but here in Padang Besar, around RM10. 

Shirts. I would really recommend you to buy T-shirts at the market outside the complex. They are way cheaper! Around Rm15-18 for adult-sized whereby in the complex, a piece costs around RM20+

FOOOOD. Another area I love although I did not buy lots - not a sour food person. 

Another food area :D

The complex from 1st floor.

A shop sells this. It may look fancy to some of us, but I am a person who consider practicality first. It seems so hard to handle this cloth if I need to fulfill my nature calls, in public toilets! Hahaha

Lots of shirts shops!

For lunch, we had some meals just outside the complex. To be honest, the price is not that cheap but still okay I think. RM5 for pulut mangga, somtam each. 

Padang Besar is located at the border of Malaysia-Thailand, about 35km from Kangar. If you are very good with bargaining, you are going to love this place even more haha

Done with Padang Besar!
Our next stop was Gua Kelam, till then :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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