October Book Giveaway by Blog Siqahiqa

October 19, 2017

Yeay, a lovely blogger, Siqah is currently organising a book giveaway. 2 books are offered to 2 winners (one each) and since I am into books right now, I think I should grab this chance. :D

Well, my saving right now needs to be prioritized for few other stuffs so I try to tune down my on travelling and not to buy any flight tickets even though I am so eager to do so. T__T

Other than learning few new skills (or maybe more to sharpening my hidden skills), reading books is one of the alternatives for my daily activities. It allows me to travel in my own imagination and to make it even real, I open Google Maps if the story line involve lots of travelling (like one of books I've read - Until I Say Good-Bye) :D

I  am a bit lacking in imagination and creativity, to be honest. 
More to a fact person and I think I've improved a bit during my years in Czech. I hope during my jobless period, I'll improve more. 

By reading, insyAllah.

Let's join this giveaway, guys! Who knows maybe the book is fated for us? Hehe

It is very simple to join, just follow the steps:

  1. Follow Siqahiqa's blog.
  2. Follow BLOG SIQAHIQA's Facebook page. (LINK)
  3. Follow Instagram @haqisfila. (LINK)
  4. Comment on any post in her blog.
  5. Copy the banner and write a blog post entitled “October Book Giveaway by Blog Siqahiqa” with backlink.
  6. Publish your blog post and leave your post's link HERE

The giveaway will end on 12th November 2017.

All the best, Hanis Amanina! Hahaha ^__^

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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