Deepavali or Diwali?

October 20, 2017

Even though I have friends from different races and religions, so far that I can recall... I have no experience visiting my Indian friends' houses on Deepavali. T_T

So, this year let's do something new. 
Acknowledging differences and togetherness. :D

I followed Puteri and went visiting her Indian colleagues on Deepavali :)

Although I have slight confusion on whether I can wish them Happy Deepavali or not, but I hope this effort will expose myself on this thing. And the more important thing, to value and to appreciate our multicultural life in Malaysia. :)
Deepavali vs Diwali
The best part was we were served with many food! Yummy!
Thank you Kak Kasturi & Kak Mala :)
Chicken curry, idli, putu mayam, udang masak daun limau purut (?)

Tosai :D Wooow

Nasi briyani :D

Puteri, Khai, Kak Kasturi, me, Kak Zira

I wish I had the self awareness of learning 3rd and 4th languages (Tamil / Mandarin) when I was younger. It is still possible now, but my brain is a bit slow for them. 

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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