Short, Intense Hike to Bukit Lagi, Perlis

October 26, 2017

I feel blessed that Puteri, Kak Zira and I have the same interest. Hiking.

Even though I am used to hike in Czech, as expected hiking in Malaysia is roughly different. I am totally a newbie here, I don't mind that as at least people don't put high expectation. :)

In love with this hiking pose :p

Early morning of Sunday, we went to Titi Chai to grab breakfast and Puteri recommended us to try Pulut Ayam. I have never heard of this food before, something different that I know is Pulut Mangga nyum nyum nyum :D

Pulut Ayam was for post-hike though hahaha.
It is basically pulut with fried chicken.

We had nasi lemak and few kuih-muih for breakfast. A bit heavy for us but never mindddd, we are Malaysians!

Beautiful paddy field :D

Since I did not drive, I have no idea about the direction. Haha.

But, from Google Maps, in order to get to Bukit Lagi, please don't put 'Bukit Lagi' in the search box. It will lead you to a city area with buildings around.


  • Taman Awam Bukit Lagi
  • Taman Bunga Kertas Tuanku Lailatul Shahreen

There are lots of flowers around. I think it will be beautiful to spend time with family here in the evening. Since it is located close to Taman Awam, people can spend the evening with riadah and exercises :) 


Not really sure how many entrance to the hiking route. But you can hike and go down with different routes. 

As how I described the title of this post, YESSSS IT IS A SHORT ROUTE BUT INTENSE!

Haha, curam sangat mak ai.

Stamina demanding.
Ya Allah, the stairs are very steep and quite small hahahaha nangis weh kaki.

But, as usual, with a rough journey there will be some rewards at the end. Same like our life in this world, sweet moments with painful challenges but if we really live life accordingly, Allah will reward us with Jannah, right?

Same concept.

Hutan belantara. 

Calming shade.

Kak Zira and Puteri. They are so fit! 


At the peak.

Small, steep stairs.

Sap sap soi for them haha. 


Us at the peak :D

Yeay! If I am not mistaken, less than one hour needed for the whole hike :D

More details, maybe you can use this LINK as reference. :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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