My First Cross Stitch Project

October 15, 2017


Alhamdulillah, finally I managed to finish this! It took few days if I really commit the whole day but since I still have lots of other stuffs to do, I am satisfied enough with few weeks :D

I've shared on Twitter about the progress. A thing I was looking forward to is to learn something a girl would have to know. I've been growing up with the idea of being strong, being capable to anything involving energy, being independent... when now I realized there are so many feminine stuffs that I should let myself experience - cooking properly, sewing, stitching, designing.


Yes, that's the word.

Just few minutes doing it, I told myself, this is totally something different! Throughout the process, I kept on questioning myself, "Kenapalah aku buat benda ni? Cabut rumput kat luar rumah lagi menarik."

Mak kept on motivating me, "This is supposed to be for fun. Janganlah stress sangat nak cepat siap. It needs your continuous commitment."


Another thing I learned.

Well, most things involve patience. Maybe I am getting used to what I used to do, patience is not something I worry about. Really, when we challenge ourselves out of our comfort zone, the feeling is different. The patience is challenged in a totally different way - but still, it is about patience.

Be patient, Nina. :)

p/s - my SPA updated that my application passed the requirements. So, housemanship is just around the corner, maybe? May Allah ease, ameen.

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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