3 Important Life Lessons I Learned This Week

November 18, 2016

I shared in past few days that my friends and I are opening orders for awesome LUSH products in previous two entries. Yes, you can still do so before Saturday, 19th November 2016, 12pm (Malaysia time).

Honestly, this is kinda my first experience to be a personal shopper like this. I have my own reasons to do that. For example, it is good to exercise my mind that I need to do something while waiting for job or interview after graduation. And alhamdulillah, what I am doing right now is preparing myself for that.

Nice view to start Friday :D

Friday is a good day to reflect our hectic week while our heart already looking forward for the weekend. So, let me share what I gained through out these past few days. :)

1. It is hard to earn money.

I feel ashamed of myself for NOT trying business EARLIER. I am too scared and feel too awkward to approach people. Being an ambivert, sometimes, it feels kind of hard to meet MANY random people but seriously it is quite fine right now. 

And, Czech is not a place where students can do business with its products, like Malaysian students in India always come out with Indian sarees' business, in Korea with Korean cosmetics products. What's famous in Czech is first, the beer. Maybe next one is Swarovski's crystals and jewelries. You know, the one Neelofa put on her Hijab's products. But, they are kinda expensive to make pre-order or ready-stock.

But, maybe I should try? HAHAHA

Hmm, the other thing I realised that I move around a lot; walking and cycling - which took a lot of muscle works, especially in late autumn like this. Haha. Sometimes, I need to survey the prices from different shops to quote the best prices to the buyers. Oh, in this case I am talking about being a personal shopper for Czech's traditional honey cake ordered by my graduated seniors. I can say they miss everything about Czech right now. They requested so many random items - like university car stickers?

I am more than happy to serve them :D

Czech's Traditional Honey Cake 

2. Business is about sacrificing our time, money and energy.

I described already about energy consumed to do this job. :) But, it helps me to exercise at the same time and I love it. Move our body, people!

Glad to have free week for the time being. I still have classes in the morning to focus on. To be able to differentiate what is my priority at a specific time is the key to all of these. 

3. Entertain customers and provide the best services to them.

I am a shy person, but I can be loud as well to people who share / speak about common interests :) Hehe. Otherwise, being a listener is what I always do.

Maryam and I have different personalities, but I can say our differences a bit supporting each other. She's way more creative than I am, while I am more outspoken than her. Only Allah knows how was our conditions when we discussed this plan. Only He knows how many times we kept on repeating, "Ya Allah, segannyaaaaaa." Haha. Yep, the first step is always the hardest. Same like a small baby trying to take his first step. Similar situation.

We are on our way to overcome this weakness, and I feel grateful to say we improved A LOT.


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All in all,

I love what I am doing right now! :D Haha.

So, anyone who are interested to buy any LUSH products, feel free to contact me before Saturday, 19th November 2016 at 12pm Malaysia time. :D

Please contact me via:


p/s - Salam Jumaah everyone :)
HK, Czech

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