6 Reasons Why Road Trips Are Awesome!

November 11, 2016

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Maryam just released her video on our previous trip to Hallstatt, Austria and I must say that it feels very nostalgic to remember all those moments. So, here you go, the wrap of our road trip! :)

I learned a lot of things throughout the trips I've been in so far :) And I would love to encourage you to plan your road trip, soon, maybe as the first one! It will be awesome! InsyaAllah. :D 

Here are what I think people can 'expect' or get benefits from road trips. Short distance trip will be good enough for a kick start! yeah. 

1. Road Trips Are Economical and Flexible. 

People already know that last minute plane tickets will be way too expensive. Yeah, I admit that fact. Road trips will be the most suitable for travelers with sudden plan. Just get your car ready with full fuel, get the engine start - and there you go. :) 

With plane, you can get directly to your destination without the need to think of which route to go (unless you need to transit somewhere). But, on road trips, you can plan any routes and stop at any places that you think are amazing to enjoy. 

Maybe, take a break at the side of the road to enjoy the sunset? 

2. Precious Moments with Travel Mates 

Why Road Trips Are Awesome?
Why Road Trips Are Awesome?

Well, we can expect more opportunity to spend time with the buddies traveling with us in the road trip. Just imagine, we stay in the car for at least few hours and again, another few hours - so, who wants to keep silent with each other without conversation. 

It will be nice to share stories, create inside jokes, sing many songs, keep making fun so that drivers will not be sleepy. 

I heard somewhere that one of the ways to get to know each other is by travelling together. 

3. Patience Can Be Developed.

Sometime, you can feel like driving is an infinity thing to do in the road trips. You keep asking when are you going to reach your destination. Moving for only few kilometer will be felt like hours. 

Many unexpected incidents may happen, like experiencing flat tire, getting problems in border between countries, losing card to pay the road tolls. I've been in those situations, and thanks to all of us for keeping each other calm to face everything :) 

4. Adrenaline Rush of Driving Skills.

I never imagined myself driving in a busy, unfamiliar city center like Istanbul, Rome etc with those impatient taxi drivers who keep honking at other drivers. 

I still can't believe I managed to reverse the car on a hilly, narrow road. I am still amazed of how people can survive driving on roads after snow storm, surely with non-shoveled snow or on slippery roads with snow.

Why Road Trips Are Awesome?
That are adventures to me :)
And that also keep me driving carefully. 

5. Learn Map-Reading Skills.

This point applies to people like me - a girl who can not read maps, generally said by people. Well, I must be honest to say that from my opinion, I agree that boys read maps better. But, it doesn't mean girls always get lost in where ever we go. 

Other than that, you will know some unknown places at certain countries. For example, in case of without GPS, you can get to the border of countries by driving towards the nearest town to the border in which the direction is shown on signboards. 

6. You Can Pack As Much As You Want.

If you love reading, you can brings books instead of digital book. If you love to take pictures with different coats, you can bring more coats. You can bring more snacks too :) 

But, it does not mean you can fill the car with unused stuffs. Well, the lighter the car, the better it is (especially for fuel), I guess. 


Road trips can be tiring, really. Driving in the middle of night with flash of light from opposite cars can be eyes-torturing. Sleep in the car with not good posture may cause pain. 

But believe me, once you've been on road trips, you will look forward for more. :) 

p/s - Anyway, feel free to add more points if you want to share your own experiences. I would definitely love to read yours. :)

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